Thursday, July 5, 2012

Herbal Remedies and Tomatoes

In the last post I talked about making herbal remedies during the full moon phase of the moon and told you I would share what I was able to get done ...

The above picture is antiseptic cream.  I got the recipe from here and as you can see used baby food jars to put it in.  At first I didn't like the smell ... it had a kind of tree tea oil smell to it.  I let it set at room temperature like the instructions said to do.  Yesterday, I checked it and it had become a cream/salve, and the smell was much better, but it still had a bit of tea tree oil smell to it.  This morning I checked it and it smells absolutely wonderful!  No heavy smells, just a light, very mild aroma!

The other herbal remedy I started was Double E Immune Booster tincture.  Even though I had just finished one batch, (did not start it on a full moon phase) I wanted to do another one, pictured above (started on a full moon phase) to compare their strength's.  I purchased the Double E Immune Booster herbs at The Bulk Herb Store.

Update 7/6/12 ... I've been asked to share how I make Double E Immune Booster Tincture. Fill jar 1/4 to half full of Double E Immune Booster herbs. Fill jar up to the neck with food grade glycerin or vodka. Sit in a corner out of the way and give it a good shake daily for 4 weeks. Strain herbs out and store liquid in an amber colored  bottle or jar. It's now ready for use. I also label the finished product with it's name, date and dosage amounts.

Look what God blessed us with this morning!  A retired doctor who raises tomatoes and gives them away told my husband yesterday to bring plenty of buckets and come pick tomatoes.  So, at 6:30 this morning my husband and I were in this gentleman's tomato patch picking tomatoes.  There were so many, we didn't even get half way through the field.  I was concerned that we wouldn't have enough tomatoes to process this year since ours are literally blistering on the vines before they even start to ripen ... but God provided.  O ye of little faith!  I'll be canning tomatoes, making sauce, canning salsa and canning rotel (tomatoes and chili peppers) for the next several days and I'll be singing praises to God and asking him to bless the one who shared so freely.

Until next time ...

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