Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pantry Challenge #11 ... 2015

This week has found us making regular visits to a local hospice house, comforting a grieving grandmother and grandfather and purchasing $932.54 worth of grocerys for $46.56.  What a week it has been!

My to-do list from last time:   

Vacuum seal the oats we purchased on clearance in quart jars.  Didn’t get done!

Vacuum seal cream cheese and freeze.  Done!  I added 6 packages of cream cheese to the freezer part of my pantry.  See the tutorial on how I did it HERE!

Scour grocery store and drug store ads for bargains and shop accordingly.  I think I can safely say that we ‘knocked this one out of the park!’  To see what I mean read this post!  We are still in awe!!!! 

In addition:

I added four more cans of evaporated milk to my pantry.  I am trying to replace what we used during the time we were eating almost exclusively out of our pantry.  A little here and a little there and I’ll get it back to what it was before!

I had a few strawberries left from the ones we purchased last week that were still in the ‘flash freezing’ stage so I bagged them up in snack size bags, then into quart size bags and added them to the freezer part of my pantry.  There were 16 snack size baggies this time and when I added them to the 44 I did last week that gave me a total of 60 snack size baggies of strawberries ready to be used in smoothies.

We came across an older gentleman selling strawberries this week in a parking lot one day while we were out … the berries smelled really good … the berries looked really good …  I asked if I could taste one … the gentleman said yes … they tasted so ‘strawberryee’ … we bought some to eat and to make low sugar strawberry jam.  I made 6 half pints using Annabel’s method from The Bluebirds are Nesting.  It is super easy and delicious!  I will be using this method to make other types of jam.

We found mushrooms on sale again at Aldi’s and purchased another flat.  I brought them home and canned 8 pints and added to my pantry.

Someone told me that her Aldi’s had butter on sale for $1.89 so when I was in the area of our local Aldi’s I stopped in and sure enough, there it was!  Our Aldi’s had butter on sale for$1.89/lb too!  We purchased a case and brought it home and added it to the freezer part of our pantry.  We are set for the rest of the year on butter!

I’m closing in on having enough Swagbucks to redeem a $25 Amazon gift card.  Whooo Hooo!

We added $5.50 to our change jar!

I completed a Pinecone survey!
Here’s my pantry to-d0 list for next week:

Vacuum seal the oats we purchased on clearance in quart jars. 
Can pecans

Scour grocery store and drug store ads for bargains and shop accordingly. 

Now it’s your turn, what have you done to build up your pantry or live frugally ?

A Working Pantry


  1. I added tomato sauce, powdered milk, olive oil, garlic powder and vinegar to my pantry as backups . I am rebuilding after have eaten all my built up pantry !!

    1. We can use it up a lot faster than we can fill it, can't we????

  2. Hi Patsy. Firstly snap, I just posted my Monday post and linked to you!! You are part of my story today!
    I am so glad you found this way of making jam useful. Apart from the good colour I love it because it is not a big drama or chunk of time to quickly make some jam up with some left over fruit. I can be doing other things. If you forget it and walk away its fine. So I might only make three jars at a time but soon I have rows and rows of jams as I do now!
    My week was pretty good and its about to get better! Today I am cooking up lasagnes and spaghetti sauce for meals and for the freezer. I am doing a bulk lot. Tomorrow I am doing a bulk lot of chicken and vegetable pies.
    I did add water, coffee, tinned milk, honey and olive oil to my pantry. I feel I learned more too. We have a trip coming up so I can go country op shopping. I am after jars. I often find trays of preserving jars in the country and so I am hoping... the ones I like the best are really old thick glass, slightly greenish, the brand is usually Agee. They are beautiful!
    Your week was fantastic! I hope this one is too! xxx

    1. Freezer meals for the freezer are an important part of my pantry! I love the convenience of having them on hand!

      The color of the jam is more of a natural color and I really like the lower sugar taste. I can actually taste the berries instead of being overpowered by the sugar. The riper the berries the better!

      Thank you for the mention and link!

  3. Hi Patsy! This week I found ground pork for .99 a pound so we bought 7lbs. and put them in the freezer. We bought a few other things for the week like milk, bread and cabbage. I love cabbage beef soup. I was given 5 newspapers for free so I could have the coupons. Since we do not have insurance now I paid cash for my hubby's blood pressure medication which was not cheap, but I will make up the difference somewhere. I have been babysitting so should get paid soon and plan to stock up on a few things and get gas with that money. Also I have been trying to help a friend who is struggling with alcohol addiction. Her husband is out of town and she needs the support. I admit that I had gotten frustrated one evening and told her sometimes we just need to get down on our knees and pray like the sinners we are and ask for guidance and forgiveness! I don't think I was patient and feel bad for that moment, but I continue to lend support going as far as picking her up and taking her to an AA meeting, so again I am a little behind on our pantry challenges, but I promise I will catch up Patsy! Spring is coming soon!


    1. Sometimes the things we need to hear are not the things we want to hear ... maybe your friend needed the reminder. I don't think I've ever had cabbage beef soup ... do you have a recipe? Thanks for posting!

    2. Patsy, this is one of those recipes that does not have to be exact. Add or remove as you like. First I brown and cook whatever cut of beef I am using until it gets tender. Then the rest is easy peasy. When your beef is close to done I add about a tsp. each of garlic powder, onion powder and paprika. Then add diced potatoes, diced celery,chopped cabbage and chopped onions and fresh or dried parsley. Then add your homemade beef stock or canned broth whatever you have and cook until the veggies are done. Chop the veggies small or bigger however you prefer. This is good soup for anytime during the year because once it's cooked it doesn't have to be hot just warmed and you can still enjoy a good homemade soup in the summer if you like.

  4. i love your posts! How do you can pecans?


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