Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wasp and Bee Stings ... treating them with herbs!

One day I was out in the green house working with my ferns when I got stung by a wasp. It hurt so bad! I tore out of the green house and ran … yes, this old woman ran … it hurt that bad … and made a bee line for my medicinal pantry and my bottle of plantain tincture. I quickly poured some out in a small bowl and stuck my finger in it (I had gotten stung on a finger). It wasn’t long before the throbbing stopped so I took it out of the solution. The throbbing started back up again and I stuck my finger back in the solution. I left it there a couple more minutes and then tried removing it again. This time the pain was not nearly as bad but it was still hurting.  I stuck my finger back in again and left it there for another couple of minutes. When I removed it again it was not hurting … it was a bit sore but not hurting. I had read that plantain tincture was good for stings but had not had an occasion to use it since making it. After getting stung I was sold on plantain tincture and have not been without it since. It is most definitely a staple in the medicinal part of my pantry!  You can buy dried plantain HERE and HERE, grow your own or harvest it most likely from your own yard.  It grows everywhere!
How do I make it?

I fill a quart jar nearly full with fresh plantain leaves that I grow (Can also use dried plantain but only fill the jar half full if using dried plantain.). I do not pack the jar, but leave the leaves loose. Then I fill the jar with vinegar. Put a plastic cap on it, shake it good and set it in a cool, dark place for about a month. I shake it a couple of times a week. Strain and bottle in an amber colored bottle or if you don’t have an amber colored bottle, stick a sock on it … yes, I’ve done that too!!!!

How do you treat wasp and bee stings?

(Disclaimer: I am not a doctor.  Any information shared is purely from a research or personally tried it point of view. Always consult your doctor or other medical professional when treating ailments.)


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  1. I have plantain a plenty here! I have always made tinctures with vodka so the vinegar is an interesting twist. We use lavender hydrosol for any type of sting and I keep a roller bottle in the kitchen for burns. Rolling some on immediately after a burn and the pain is instantly gone. It is also useful for cuts and scrapes. It is very inexpensive as it is the by product of the distillation of lavender essential oil. I buy it from Heritage Essential Oils dot com.

    1. Lana, I did not know that lavender hydrosol was good for any type of sting and for burns. Thanks for that tip!

  2. We were visiting Florida a couple summers ago. My daughter found an interesting bug she had never before. It was some kind of bee and stung her. A woman there suggested putting nicotine on it. We don't smoke but there were some girls there who were. They opened one of their cigarettes and put the nicotine on the sting with some water. It made it feel better quickly! I doubt I'll ever use that remedy again, but I was grateful for it at the time!

    1. I have heard that tobacco was good for wasps and stings but never connected the nicotine as the helpful component ... interesting! Thanks for sharing!


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