Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Learning To Depend Less Upon the Grocery Store: Organizing the Info!

Welcome to the second entry for my new series!  (Wednesday is the day I’ve set aside to post about this series but we had VBS last week and I just didn’t have the time to get it up.)

This series is my journey to becoming less dependent upon the grocery store and you're invited to come along with me. 

The first week we talked about some reasons we might want to learn to be less dependent upon the grocery store and this week I’m going to share how I’ll be organizing everything I learn so it will be ready to refer to when needed.

My supply list:

A 3-ring binder/notebook  (already have this)

Page protectors  (already have these too)

Dividers (which I’ll make using cardstock that I have on hand and stick-on tabs that I also already have on hand.)

My first divider will be titled ‘Basics List.’   As we go along I’ll be creating a list of basic supplies to keep on hand that will enable me to make my grocery store replacements.

Other dividers will include:






… and any others that become necessary as I travel on this journey.

I’ll call this my Grocery Store Book!

Next week, I’ll show you in pictures what my Grocery Store book looks like and get started with the first entry.


To Learn More About My E-Book, click on the link:  Yes, You CAN Have A Well-Stocked Pantry!

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  1. Dear Patsy, This is such a good idea. I will love seeing how you set it up and how you run it.
    I need to do similar. Also I need an inventory at home as my supplies grow! Love

    1. Annabel, It will do me no good to have the information if I can't find it so organizing it has to be my first step! It is so frustrating for me to have to hunt for something I know I have but can't find!

  2. sounds very interesting. can't wait for future updates!

  3. I already do something of the sort, but it is far from organised! I look forward to seeing yours and learning some great ideas and tips. I know I will love this series - thanks!

  4. Great idea! I love keeping lots of staples in the pantry so that I can make things from scratch when possible. I love knowing what's in the food we have, and that it's so much cheaper to make it myself. I plan to follow along with this series!


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