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Thursday, July 16, 2015

$5 or Less Weekly Pantry Challenge: July 16th, 2015

How far can you make $5 or less stretch when it comes to adding to your pantry?  It's our new weekly challenge!  

So many times the reason I hear from others for not having a well-stocked pantry is the cost. While it is a legitimate concern, a well-stocked pantry is not built overnight but little by little, step by step and the purpose of this challenge is to show others just how much you can add to a pantry with just $5 or less each week. 

You're invited to join me in this weekly challenge.

Here's what I added to my pantry this week for less than $5 ...

... two 1 lb bags of navy beans!   Each bag cost$1.72 which made this purchase $3.44 plus tax.   You could put them in a sealed container until ready for use but I'm going to can mine.  I think I can get 8 - 10 pints to add to my pantry.  I'll let you know after I've gotten them canned!

Now, it's your turn, what have you added to your pantry for $5 or less this past week?


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  1. I was so excited because when I walked into the grocery store I saw they a buggy full of chicken taco kits marked down to 50 cents each. I got four. And then I saw they had 48 oz vegetable oils for $1.81 each I got two. I remembered your pantry challenge so I was so excited to have something to report!

    1. Yeah MamaHen! Look at all you got for $5!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good score! I also love canning beans and having them all ready to open and eat or add to soups or stews.

  3. Two 1 lb. boxes of macaroni for .50 cents each...I.00 out of pocket expense. I put them in the freezer to kill any little "things" that wanted to reside in the the storage container....I never have bugs this way.
    Today, using 12 oz. of it, I made a delicious Macaroni Salad to go with our BBQ chicken tonight, and our steak dinner on Sat. . night..

    1. Enid, I do the same thing with flour, meals, etc for the same reason ... I do not want bugs in my food! I love macaroni salad!

  4. Patsy, we have a supermarket here that offers $5 off your shop, once a month, just for giving feedback. I always try to make that $5 s-t-r-e-t-c-h as far a possible, so I love this idea. Last time I got three bottles of discontinued exotic sauces (in flavours we like) for -49c each, some spicy chicken nibbles marked down from $9 to $1.50, 2 gluten free cake mixes for -69c each, and a bunch of flowers marked down to a dollar. The flowers didn't last long, but for $1, I still got a weeks worth of smiles. All up, I turned that $5 into about $30-$40 worth of purchases at full price. Fun! Mimi xxx

  5. Very interested in learning how to can beans. Looking forward to your post.

  6. I was able to get medium eggs for 99¢ a dozen. Took two trips with limits but got 5 dozen. Will use two and freeze the others.

  7. I used to challenge myself to make our dinners for 4-5 cost $5 or less per meal. I love $5 challenges!

  8. This week chicken leg quarters are .39 lb. I will grab a bag for freezer. I will fill up a new standing shelf with peanut butter for .89 jar! My youngest loves pb for lunch at school. Can't pass up these deals this week.


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