Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sewing Day Accomplishments: July, 28th, 2015

I was in the mood to work on my scrap quilt for my sewing day this week so I dumped out my scraps and set to work ...

I have a lot to choose from don't I?

By the end of the day I had completed several more blocks/panels/strips for my quilt ...

This is a fun project and I love that it is being made out of 'leftovers!'

What have you been sewing?


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  1. I love your quilt, a work in progress and so relaxing and using the scraps is an added bonus.
    I have also been doing alot with fabric scraps. I will be sharing soon on my blog.

  2. This is my favorite kind of quilt!--Jacki

  3. Dear Patsy,

    Sewing days are my stress buster for the week and I always look forward to them. Lately, I've been hemming tops and skirts to wear. I am short and most RTW is too long.

    I have a lot of scraps to use for a quilt, also, so I was thinking instead of a hanging or coverlet quilt this time I would make them into tote bags for Chrstmas gifts and put the other gifts inside.

    Your scrap quilt block is very pretty. Thank you for sharing your projects with us.

    1. Glenda, I really like the idea of turning the scraps into tote bags for Christmas gifts!

  4. Hi, Patsy,
    Well, I did get the pillows all finished! Yeah! So I cleaned up the studio, sat down with my personal pattern notebooks and started tearing out the pattern copies that I will then purge from my pattern cabinet! I really am in the mood to make up some blouses, pants and nighties......
    I give my scraps to a dear quilter friend who uses some of them to fill dog pillows .
    Glad you are enjoying your scrap quilt making....looks so nice!

    1. I have one more throw pillow to complete then I'll be done with the pillows.

    2. Good! Will look forward to your next projects!

  5. WOW this is truly amazing how you can take scraps and turn them into something beautiful and useful.


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