Thursday, October 15, 2015

A New Addition to My Sewing Nook!

A dear, dear friend was going to donate this to a thrift store, but before 
she did she asked if I would like to have it ....

... she thought my husband might like to use it to store nuts and bolts and 
screws in.  My mind immediately went into 'thinking mode' and
 I knew that my dear husband would not be storing nuts, bolts nor
 screws in this nifty little organizer.  I told my friend that I would 
love to have it .... but to store my sewing notions in ... and so
 home with me it came.

(Sorry hubby!)

First, it needed a bath, a back and a new paint job ...

... and here it is.  

As you can tell I'm already filling it up ... glue sticks, glitter, ribbon, 
hooks and eyes, snaps, needles, and so on.

This is another addition to my new sewing nook that will certainly get lots of use!

(I'll be showing pictures of  my new sewing nook soon.)

Thank you Ms. B!


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  1. That is awesome! You were a lucky lady!!!

  2. I have one in my sewing room as well. They are just great for holding all those small items

  3. I have one someone left in an apartment we moved into. It has been a great blessing.

  4. I love this idea! Thanks, Patsi. My hubby better watch out or I'll use his ;)


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