Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sewing Accomplishments: October 27th, 2015

I was actually able to sew on my sewing day today!!!!!

I started cutting out all these little and big pieces to do this double quiet book page and then started stitching it up ....

(This quiet book is for my granddaughter ... and I've been working on it for several months!  I need to get it finished!)

... as you can see I didn't finish the stitching, but I will.

Then I worked on a table skirt I'm making for my sewing table ... when the skirt is finished my sewing nook will be ready to show everyone.

I'm making the table skirt out of the lace curtains I recently purchased at a thrift store.

It felt so good to sit down at my sewing machine and sew today!  I'm looking forward to my next sewing day!

That’s what I got stitched up today, what did you do?


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  1. Very nice Patsy! Plus I'm glad you got time after all the sweet potatoes etc.
    My sewing is away until after Christmas but I am collecting fabrics for my plans! Xxx

    1. Annabel, with my new sewing nook I can work in a few minutes of stitching on a more regular basis. Not having to pull everything out and put everything up every time I want to sew is a blessing. Can't wait to see what you have planned for your after holidays stitching!

  2. Your quiet books remind me so much of my mom. She used to make crafts and sell them when I was in 4-7 or 8th grade. I really liked her quiet books and made her promise she would make one for my kids someday. Well, she gave up making crafts way back then and we never got a quiet book. I found one at a thrift store and my kids had that one. I am sure your grandkids are going to really enjoy them.

    1. Lisa, these quiet books are taking a tremendous amount of work and time and I hope it is something my grandchildren will cherish and maybe even pass down to their children.


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