Sunday, November 1, 2015

Getting Reading For The Holidays: Week #6

We're getting ready for the holidays and this is our 6th week of holiday preps … are you feeling good about where you’re at in your preps?

This week we’re going to focus on our Christmas Card Lists. Lots of people no longer send Christmas cards via the postal service and while we have cut down on the number we send, we still send some. So, for those of us who still send Christmas cards this is the week to get our list ready, update mailing addresses and start addressing those envelopes. Do you do a family newsletter instead, if you haven’t already started, it’s time to start compiling it.

In addition let’s share what we got done this past week?

What are you working on? I would love to see your pictures!


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  1. I'm a bit behind on this challenge, but you are definitely making me think about what needs to be done, Patsi. I bought my mom a Christmas present this week...Yaaay! I will be putting more with it, but at least it is a start. I also discussed a present idea for my MIL with my husband. His father passed away last January, and she is still working through her grief. I am going to look at our photos to see if I have a nice picture of him, have it printed as an 8x10 and frame it for her wall. If I don't have a good photo, I will have to come up with another gift idea.

    I know what I am going to get my daughter for Christmas this year...a new laptop that can handle on-line gaming. She has a very old computer to use, which does not work well with on-line games. She is also at the age when a good computer for school work will be necessary, so this is definitely an investment present. I already have some smaller items bought for her and I may make her a couple scarves, but otherwise that is it for her presents.

    I am starting today with the holiday baking. We've been asked by my MIL to make treat platters for some Christmas parties which we will be paid for. My MIL works at a bowling alley and they have several leagues that do Christmas parties in December. That is on top of our normal treats we make for our family, so we need to get going ASAP.

    1. Rhonda, it sounds like you've got a good start on your holiday preps!

  2. I gave up on sending Christmas Cards years ago, thinking that social media made a family newsletter somewhat redundant and knowing that having one less task to accomplish during the busy weeks leading up to Christmas would be helpful. Sometimes I'll send animated greetings or something fun like that.

  3. I started cutting squares for a rag quilt for my son, and got out my Christmas papers and embellishments for my Christmas Cards. I usually make about 20 or so each year. Since I quit my job to come home and be a homekeeper, it will not be near as stressful during the holidays. πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸŽ„


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