Sunday, November 22, 2015

Getting Ready for the Holidays ... week #8

It's time to take inventory!  We have one month and 3 days until Christmas day and we need to know what we've gotten done and what we still need to do ...

What have you gotten done?

What do you still have to do?

Where are you in your holiday preps ... please share!


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  1. I'm making gifts... I found a large, heavy-duty, all cotton table cloth at the thrift store for $3. It's in perfect condition! At first I wasn't sure what I would use it for, but I've decided to make kitchen towels with it, and applique various motifs (apples, coffee cups, etc.) on it with fabric I already have. Not sure yet how many towels I'll end up with, but I'm thinking around 8 or more. I also crochet cotton dishcloths, so that combo will make a useful and nice gift.

    1. I love my thrift store table cloth turned dish towels! I backed mine with terry cloth and they are the best!

  2. I have quite a lot of Christmas shopping done - but I MUST take stock and organize it! Argh!

  3. I have checked my gift stash and was able to pull 4 gifts from it for my daughter's EAs and teacher as well as several smaller gifts for my daughter.

    I have completed 3 polar fleece scarves from some fleece I bought at the thrift store (including an unused blanket), 3 infinity I sewed from knitted fabric I bought from the clearance section of the fabric store, and one embroidered handkerchief. I am currently in the middle of making a second embroidered handkerchief and 2 embroidered throw pillows (I made the pillow forms from a regular pillow I bought for $3 then cut in half). I still plan to make some embroidered pillow cases and print off some bookmarks.

    I have bought 1 book, 4 pairs of super warm socks, 2 ceramic soup mugs (on clearance for $6 each), and a polar fleece zippered sweater/jacket. I still need to buy my daughter's big gift...a laptop which will most likely cost close to $1000 with taxes. We're watching sales close and hope we might get lucky with a black Friday sale. I am also buy some low value gift cards to go with some of the handmade gifts (for the teenagers). Other than that, we're looking pretty good on the Christmas present front! Whoo Hooo!!!

  4. I have been working on a pair of pajamas for my niece. Since she is autistic, she likes to see me making them. She doesn't like surprises and will be thrilled when she opens them at Christmas. They are what she wanted and she chose the fabric. It is very rewarding to sew for someone who truly wants what you are laboring over as much as she does. She's so cute--she sits at my elbow, getting closer and closer, watching me sew. Finally, I'll ask her to move back, but she creeps in closer every minute until she loses interest for a while and goes about her business.

    I have many more plans in the works, but am not sure when to find the time. We have the cousins for a few days, then Thanksgiving here, I'll do what I can.

    1. beckyathome, what a sweet picture you painted of your niece watching you sew!


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