Sunday, November 29, 2015

Getting Ready for the Holidays ... Week #9

Did you do any black Friday Christmas shopping? How’s your Christmas list looking now?

How about those handmade gifts? Are you where you want to be or need to be to have them completed in time for gift giving THIS year?

What did you get done this past week? 

 What are you working on?

I did a bit more Christmas shopping and am now down to 2 more gifts and I’ll be done, shopping that is! Yippee … it’s been a long time since I’ve been this near done shopping at this time of the year! In addition to doing a bit more Christmas shopping, I printed out labels for the Christmas cards we hand deliver locally and at church and labels for the cards we mail. Our church does this really neat thing where we bring our Christmas cards to church and hand-deliver them to each other. Everyone does it and it’s so nice to see everyone in the Christmas spirit handing out their cards. We also hand-deliver, along with home-made fudge, the Christmas cards that we give out to our neighbors.

It’s also time to think about holiday attire. Do you like to wear Christmas themed clothing? How’s your holiday attire looking for this year? Do you need to make any repairs, get creative with what you have or maybe purchase something new?

My husband has finally gotten enough ‘Christmas themed ties’ to wear a different one each Sunday. The kids at church love his ties! It has taken us several years of shopping after Christmas sales to find enough to meet this need at a price we were willing to pay. Both my husband and I really enjoy the Christmas season and go all out … that is, as much as our budget will stand!

One more thing, the mailman has already delivered one Christmas card to us, has anyone else gotten any yet?


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  1. This weekend I finished sewing the embroidered throw pillow that I made my niece for Christmas. It turned out beautiful! I'm so pleased with myself. I showed it to my daughter and she begged me to let her have it. That's good since I already embroidered one for her. I will be sewing it this week while she's at school. I also finished making an embroidered handkerchief for my daughter's respite worker this week.

    Canada now has Black Friday sales, which is still a novelty at this point. So of course we went shopping. I was able to get a high end computer for my daughter on sale. We spent close to $800 after sale and taxes added, but it should last her for a good while (hopefully until the end of high school, 6 years from now). Other than the one big purchase, we only bought a few small items from the Black Friday sales.

    I was going to make some pillowcases for my 2 teenage nephews, but my family feels that they won't like it, so we are going to buy them a gift. My husband is going to get them movie passes. As far as I know, these are the last gifts we need to buy, then we're done!

  2. My husband is a teacher and he wears a different Christmas tie each day of school in December. Most have been gifts or thrift store finds. Many came from a fellow teacher who retired and gave him his "collection." He starts out with the simplest ones and they get more elaborate as the month progresses. It's fun for him and the students.

  3. Oh what fun wearing Christmas ties - especially to school.
    I do a big craft fair every Dec. called The Magic of Santa. It takes a lot of prep to prepare all my product for sale. My all time best sellers are soup mixes in a jar, Russian tea (that's what mom always called it) Candy Bar Bouquets and Peppermint Bark. That's just the tip of what I make. I get to wear my cute snow man earrings and my Red Apron and feel quite festive. Many of the crafters are friends from over the years so we all have so much fun not to mention bring in some $.


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