Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sewing Accomplishments: November 10, 2015

The part of my day today that I could sew was just a small pocket of time this morning. But, you know what, that is okay ... and it sure beats not getting to sew at all!

I started out mending a pair of pants for my husband.  Mending is my least favorite part of sewing but alas, it has to be done!

After that I got to work turning these 3 brand new on sale bath towels (I paid $2.74 each) into hand towels for our bathrooms.

I cut each towel in half and then in half again which gave me 4 hand towels from each bath towel.

 Today, I started hemming the 2 cut sides on each towel.  Here are 5 of the 12 towels stitched, folded and ready for use.  Each towel cost $.69 each.  Pretty good return on my money, if you asked me!

That’s what I got stitched up today, what did you do?

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  1. Wow! Great idea, thanks. I can never find hand towels!

  2. You know, I never thought about it being cheaper to buy a large towel and cut it into hand towels than to just buy the hand towels. Thanks for including the cost analysis on this!

  3. Well done! I am not sewing at the moment but will be in the new year. It's a big saver. Love the hand towels from the towels.xxx


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