Thursday, November 26, 2015

Wrapping it Up and Making it Pretty ... #1

With most of my holiday shopping behind me, it's time to turn my attention to wrapping the gifts and making them look as pretty as I can with what I have on hand.

I enjoy wrapping gifts when I'm not rushed and by starting now, I'll have plenty of time to enjoy this task before gift giving day gets here or before any out of town gifts have to be mailed.

I thought I would share my 'gift wrapping' journey with you, here's what I've done thus far ...

I purchased these over sized cups on clearance last year after Christmas for $.50 each and put them in my gift trunk.  I took them out this week, filled them with individually wrapped candies, placed the candy filled cups inside clear cookie bags  that I had on hand and tied them up with ribbon I purchased on clearance for $.10/per roll after Christmas last year.  The bag of candy cost between $6 and $7 dollars at Sam's Club which made each gift (8 candy filled cups) just a little below $1.50 each.  

I'm using these 'cups' as part of my holiday decor until gift giving time arrives.  I'll be putting up a tree and then the rest of my decor will be my 'wrapped gifts.'  The wrapped gifts make our home look festive without being cluttered (when you have a small home, this is a concern) and then when gift giving season is over all I have to take down and put away is the tree.

Have you started wrapping gifts yet?  Do you use your 'wrapped gifts' as part of your  holiday decor?


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  1. Oh my those are beautiful. We too have a very small house and no tables that are safe from our mischievous 1 year old puppy so it's a challenge. I started last year wrapping my gifts here at home and some for others in holiday themed cloth and my what a bright and cheerful difference it makes versus wrapping paper the colors and patterns are so much brighter. Dh still uses paper so we have a mixture but that's about all we can do except the beautiful huge picture I bought at a craft mall years ago of a primitive snowman.

    1. Anna, I use whatever I have on hand which is always what I find on sale or have a coupon for!

  2. Your mugs turned out beautiful Patsi!! I really like the ribbon. I have not wrapped anything yet I will probably start this week. I'm always running behind these days.

    1. Thank you Vicky, the ribbon was a clearance find ... as usual. I also have it in green!

  3. They look lovely! Really pretty and festive. Prettying things up makes all the difference and a little time doing it has a big effect.
    I have been wrapping too. it takes me weeks! I learned my lesson years ago to start early and do a bit when I have time. And I love to make things look special if I can. It shows love and care I think. I might get some more done this weekend

    1. Annabel, I've learned that if I wait until the last minute and am rushed and hurried, the joy in the journey is lost.

  4. Those are just too cute. I love doing small gifts like that. Inexpensive but a lovely thought. Got to love those after Christmas clearance sales!!

  5. I love the cups. I went to our local thrift store and scored some really nice Christmas cups for 10cents each. They looked brand new. During the year I receive an individually wrapped tea bag in every catalog I receive from The Republic of Tea. I save most of them and make a small gift using the cups, a couple tea bags and a few pieces of Christmas chocolate. Then use clear bags and tie with ribbons. These will go to my friends that love tea. A very nice gift for a small amount.
    Paula in Kansas

  6. I haven't started wrapping yet, but it certainly has been on my mind. I find that if the gift is wrapped, it is easier establish in my mind that the gift is complete. If it remains unwrapped, it is too tempting to feel like I need to add more. I think all I'm waiting on is putting up the tree, which will be happening very soon. Then I have a place to put all the wrapped up gifts.


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