Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Special Series...

This is Why … having a well-stocked pantry is important and 100 ways that will help you have one too!

by patsi norwood (c) 2015  All Rights Reserved!

Recently my husband and I received the news that one of our monthly expenses … health insurance, was going to increase substantially.  In the same month we also received news that our income was being reduced substantially as well.  Double whammy!  Our first reaction was dismay, our second reaction was to pray and then we set down with our budget and starting making changes to accommodate our new financial situation.  When all was said and done we had some good news and some bad news … the good news was that we could still pay our bills each month … the bad news was that there was nothing left in the budget for groceries.
For a lot of people not having money for a grocery budget would be catastrophic, but for us it was a bump in the road.  Why?  Because of our well-stocked pantry!
I grew up watching my mama keep a well-stocked pantry.   When I married and we started our own family I mimicked what I had seen my mama do, year after year, day in and day, I watched her keep her pantry well-stocked all the while providing food for her family from it every day.  My pantry today looks different from hers then, but the principle is still the same … stock the things you’re family will eat when you can so that you don’t have to worry about how to feed them when you can’t.

Our well stocked-pantry has given us time to prayerfully think through and come up with a course of action to balance out our incoming income with our outgoing expenses.  It has allowed us to not have to panic.

This is why keeping a well-stocked pantry is a priority for me; in fact if you read my blog, A Working Pantry, you will know that I consider it my full time job and my contribution to our family’s economy.

So how do I keep a well-stocked pantry?  How did I get my pantry to the point that I don’t have to worry about how to keep my family feed during life’s unexpected?  That’s what this special series is all about.

When I started this project, it was with the intention of turning it into an e-book to sell, but the more I think and pray about it, I think that I would rather make it a special series and give it away free … in case there are others out there who find themselves in a similar situation … whose finances just can’t be stretched any further but yet you still have to feed your family.  It is to those whom this series is dedicated.  May it be a blessing to you as you walk this path.

Please feel free to share about this special series … it’ll be starting next week.
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