Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Making a Pattern from a Garment

Remember this little dress that I found at Goodwill while we were traveling ...
I told you I would wash it, then take it apart and cut a pattern from it, remove the buttons and add them to my button jar for future use and that the fabric would be added to my stash. I told you that I would add a pattern, buttons and fabric to the sewing part of my pantry for $1 which was the cost of the dress.
Today I started working on getting it done ...
I washed and dried the little dress and then started cutting it apart ...
After cutting it apart, I removed the buttons ...
Then I laid the dress pieces on some muslin scraps that used to be part of window curtains ...
I added 1/4 seam allowance to the sides and shoulders and made notes using a fine point sharpie on sewing the garment together ...  (I also noted the size on the garment.)
I then took the dress and cut it into useable pieces ... 1 inch strips, 2 inch squares and larger pieces that I left intact for future projects.
In a future post I will share how I take the pattern and make a dress for my little granddaughter.  I think I'll also add a pair of ruffled bloomers to go with it.  Stay tuned!  I love adding to the fabric/sewing part of my pantry in the most economical way possible!
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How Do You Use It Series: Potatoes

In this series we’ve been taking a specific item that we grow in our gardens and talking about how we use it.  Thus far we’ve talked about onions and cayenne pepper.  This week we’re going to talk about how we use potatoes.

We don’t grow as many potatoes as we used to because of my husband’s diabetes. (This picture is of our potato harvest from a few years ago.) Potatoes are full of starch and not something a diabetic should eat much of.  However, we have found that if I can them, rinse them and then cook them; the affect on my husband’s blood sugar level is minimum which means he can have them in moderation.  I’m so glad because he dearly loves potatoes!

Here’s what I do …

I cut them up into cubes, pressure can them, rinse them when ready to use and pan fry them.

This summer, in addition to canning them cubed, I plan to cut them into wedges as well. I’ll can them, rinse them when ready to use, spray with oil, sprinkle with seasoning and roast in oven.

How do you use potatoes?

A Working Pantry

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