Monday, November 2, 2015

Pantry Challenge #44 ... 2015

I've been busy this week, what about you?

My to-do list from last week:
Start canning sweet potatoes … got this job started by adding 7 quarts to my pantry!

Plant garlic … finished this job by getting the second raised bed tractor tire planted with 87 more cloves of garlic.  With 67 in the first raised bed and 87 in the second we should have enough … if it does well … to take care of our needs in 2016.

Continue canning pinto beans … Didn’t get around to this!

In addition:
We found banana’s on sale at Aldi’s for $.22/lb.  We purchased several pounds and brought them home.  To see what I did with them, read this post.
We also found caramel dip/topping on clearance at Sam’s Club for $1.98.  We will use these while holiday entertaining and for gift giving.  (This would be great for a ice cream fixings basket where all the recipient has to add is ice cream.)
We did some after Halloween candy sale shopping.  I’ll vacuum seal most of it into canning jars for later use in baking and snacking.  The rest of it will be used in gift giving and stocking stuffing for the holidays.
I worked on getting our raised beds cleaned out and ready for winter.  We have a total of 8 and I got 6 of them completed.  I hope to get to work on the other 2 this week.
I added new straw to the chicken’s laying boxes in the chicken house.  We’re working on getting the chicken house ready for winter too and restrawing the laying boxes is just one of several little jobs to be done to get this project completed.  So many winter preps to complete!
Here’s my pantry to-do list for the upcoming week:
My husband has a really big project that he needs my help with so I’m not setting any pantry goals for the upcoming week.  If I get anything pantry related done that will be great but it not, that will be okay too!
Now it’s your turn, what have you done to build up your pantry or live frugally?


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