Monday, March 14, 2016

Signs of Spring ... 2016 .. part 2

(part 1 can be found here.)

This bush has tiny white flowers on it ... I don't know what it is, but it is beautiful ...

my elderberry bushes are putting on leaves ... I hope they do well ... I need to make some elderberry syrup and tincture ....

Our peach trees are full of blooms ... dare we hope for a bountiful harvest ....

a close up view of the redbud tree by the front porch ... such simple beauty!

I hope you have enjoyed my little tour of the signs of springs at our house.   Soon some of the buds and blooms will turn into fruits and berries that I'll use to replenish my pantry.  First the beauty, then the comes the harvest!

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Beautiful Patsi! That is what I love each season has something to offer and I love it most when the offerings add to the pantry! I hope you do have a bountiful harvest. No blooms here yet, but soon!

  2. Your garden looks like it's waking up and having a nice stretch. You can grow all the things I cant. Never mind I can grow some wonderful things as well just if a more tropical hue.

    1. Jane Allan, our weather is more on the tropical side here as well. Hot and Humid ... big time!

  3. Beautiful! I hope you are feeling better. Our peach trees are blooming also!

  4. Beautiful. Enjoy this time of rebirth.


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