Monday, May 30, 2016

From the Garden: May 30, 2016

Over the years, in order to harvest our garden produce at it's peak, I've developed a routine. Today, I started that routine for this year ...

 Immediately after breakfast I headed out to the garden to see what needed harvesting and began the task of gathering.  Garden produce is at it's peak early in the morning.

After all the gathering/harvesting was completed, I brought the produce in and started preserving or preparing it for use.

Today I gathered the following ...

I peeled these cucumbers, sliced them up, sliced some onions, put them in a bowl, added salt, water to cover and just a tad of vinegar.  I put them in the refrigerator until dinner tonight when they should be ready for eating.

I picked these raspberries from our vines this morning (one and a half pints). I washed them up and then put them in the blender along with some water.  After they were well blended, I set them to straining.  When they are through straining, I'll fill up ice cube trays and freeze them.  When they're completely frozen, I'll pop the cubes out of the trays and freeze them in a freezer container.  I'll use them in smoothies or to flavor water.

I harvested some more spring green onions, cleaned them up, chopped up the blades and put them in the oven to dry.  The white parts of the onions went into the refrigerator for future meals/use.

I also harvested some more lavender which is in the oven (with the light on) drying.

This will be my routine most every morning for the rest of the harvesting season.   Some mornings there won't be anything to harvest, and I don't harvest on Sunday as it is our day of worship, but other than that you'll find me most every morning in the garden harvesting produce to add to my pantry and feed my family.

Do you have a harvesting routine?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Good for you. Cucumbers just planted last week here. it's been way too cool.
    Raspberries are setting but won't be ripe till late June.
    You are lucky things are ready!

    1. Cheryl, It has been a busy week harvesting raspberries and cucumbers!

  2. Those raspberries look mouthwatering Patsy! Mimi xxx

  3. Lucky you! Our garden is just getting going here. I'm curious about the lavender you harvested; what type do you grow? I have 3 different kinds and at what point do you cut them?
    And how do you use the green parts of your onions?

    1. Laurie, I'll have to check which kind of lavender I'm growing, I cut it when the flowers are a deep purple. As for the green parts of the onions, I chop them up, dehydrate them, grind them into a powder and use them in casseroles, burgers, etc.

  4. Your garden is ahead of ours here, but mine is growing nicely. I love looking at the things you are getting from yours.

    I also love to dry the tops of green onions. If I dry the white parts, I keep them separate. I sprinkle them on top of roast beef when I cook it in the crock pot. I also use them when I'm short on time or onions in things that cook for a long time.

    1. beckyathome, I used some of the green onions when I cooked a roast this week ... I just laid them on top of the roast, covered it all up and let it slow cook for several hours. It was all delicious!


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