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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Countdown to Christmas ... 11/30/2016

Today, I worked on the ladies Christmas party for our church that I’m hosting at my house in a couple of weeks.  This is always a fun event and the fellowship is icing on the cake!  Yes, my house is still a work in progress and yes, we’ll have to put away our current construction project materials, but that’s okay, the Lord has blessed us with this home, the least we can do is to use it in His service.

We enjoyed seeing more and more houses lit up with all their Christmas lights tonight as we drove to and from church and of course we sang along with Christmas songs while we listened on the radio!

How are you enjoying your journey to Christmas?  

A Working Pantry
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  1. Patsy we are going through a rather nasty heat wave. Normally I would decamp to the beach and sit in the water to cool off. I had a sun cancer removed from my leg and still have the stitches holding the wound together. No swimming for me right now. We don't have air conditioners just ceiling fans and a couple of pedestal fans. All of these are on high speed.
    I pulled the tree and box of decorations out of the shed this morning. We have travelled to family for the last three Christmas so my decorations haven't been touched in that time. Hmmm the plastic tree is looking nasty! Oh well it can do this one last season before being retired to a thrift store.
    My daughter came home for lunch and saw the bare tree. She is going to try and work some magic on it when she finishes work.
    That's todays Christmas effort.

    1. Jane,I feel for you with the heat. We too live in an area that has high heat and humidity in the summers. Sometimes it can get so oppressive! We are currently in our Fall/Winter season here and it is fairly comfortable. I hope your skin cancer heals up nicely and please do listen to the doctor and stay out of the water until it does. I still don't have my Christmas decorations out yet either, that will happen over the next few days. It's amazing what can be done to an old 'it's seen it's better days' kind of tree. A multitude of things can be covered up and hidden with decorations. I'm sure your daughter will be able to transform it into a work of art.

  2. That sounds like a fun, exciting time, Patsi! I know you and everyone else will enjoy themselves!

    Today I put all of my fall decor away and put the Christmas tree up so that it can "fluff". I'll put the lights on it tomorrow and we'll decorate it after dinner. I'll put the rest of my decor up tomorrow too.

    1. Jenn, I'll be putting my tree up in stages this year too as well as the rest of the decor. I enjoy it more if I don't try to do it all at one time. I get tired and lose the joy of doing it if I try to do too much at once.

    2. Patsi, I have so very little that it only takes me about an hour to put everything out, and then (my favorite part) most of it stays out until the end of January. No rush to put it away. I keep it very simple. I will try and post pictures when I'm done :)

    3. Jenn, there doesn't have to be a lot of it in order for it to be beautiful. We scale back a little more each year, the older we get the less we put out, but we still enough it!

  3. I have not put our tree up or any of the decorations yet. I have been spending time putting the trees up at the shop and kind of out of the mood by the time I get home. I hope to get ours up this coming weekend (fingers crossed). Last night I watch the Christmas special on NBC about a Christmas Dolly Parton had as a child. I had missed the one about the coat of many colors and was determined to watch the Christmas one. I enjoyed it very much. Your Ladies night sounds wonderful. They are so much fun. Last year my gift to three of my best friends and I was a weekend out. I rented a KOA Campground cabin about 2 hours away and we brought handwork to work on and we went shopping and ate out at new places. It was a little more than I usually spend (I paid the rent on the cabin) on them but it was a much needed vacation and so much fun. Have a great rest of your week Patsy. Paula in Kansas

    1. Paula, Your weekend with your friends sounds like fun too! I missed the Dolly Parton Christmas show last night but it sounded like it was going to be good! What kind of shop have you been decorating?

    2. I am a partner in a quilt shop. We aren't in a postion to bring any money home but we have a lot of fun. Paula

  4. Your post tickled me. Come over and visit the party. Link all your Christmas post at The Countdown to Christmas party!
    Merry Christmas

    1. Grantham, I'm on my way to check it out! Thanks for the invite!


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