Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Disaster Preparedness Class #8

(This picture is just one of many scenes of Huricane Matthew's devestation to our area that I'll be sharing throughout this class.  I do not remember where I got this picture so I can't give credit.  I took many photos myself and others were shared with me so please understand if I can't give the proper credit for each photo I'll be sharing.)

I told you that in our next post things were going to get messy, well here it is ... 

.... remember, what you've got is what you have, nothing is coming into your area except some emergency food and water ...  electricity has not been restored yet.

Someone in your family has come down with a nasty virus, throwing up, diarrhea and a low grade temperature.

What are you going to do? How are you going to handle this?

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  1. Sorry I was absent for a few days. Life is pretty busy for me right now. I have been reading everything, but just didn't have the time to respond.

    Anyways, for a virus, we just need to treat the symptoms and wait it out. We have Gravol for the vomiting, Tylenol and Advil for the fever, and we will have to cope with the diarrhea. This is typically what we do anyways.

    If water is getting into the area, we would need to get some. I know some people really believe in drinking electrolytes when they are sick. But I was always taught that you just need to keep yourself hydrated with water, unless it is a severe case. So plenty to drink is in order for that family member.

    I have soup in the pantry, which we have been eating all along. But we probably still have some chicken noodle cup of soup left and powdered chicken broth in the spice cabinet. Those would come in handy for simple meals, once they feel they can try eating again.

    If things take a turn for the worse, we can try making our way to the hospital or call 911 for assistance if roads are still blocked.

    As for clean up, we may need to fetch extra water from the canal. I would have stood in the line-up for gas as we always have cash in the house (to answer the other post) so we can run the generator to pull water from the well every once in a while. This water would be good for washing hands and body as needed. We have plenty of bleach and cleaning supplies around here, which should help with disinfecting. Also need extra water for flushing the toilet. I have confidence we can cope!

    1. Good for you Rhonda! Attitude is half the battle!

  2. First I make some rice to slow things down in the tummy . I have a few bottles of Gatorade but not enough if anyone else gets sick in our household.
    Add a little bleach to dishwater when doing dishes to help stop the spread .
    I do have Kaopectate and Pepto on hand too if needed .
    Other than that I'm out of options

    1. Dee, sounds like you're pretty well equipped!

  3. Well at least they won't be eating much! Seriously though, I'd need far more water to keep them hydrated. I could also use more canned chicken soup and broth for when they are feeling better. I do have plenty of advil and tylenol on hand which is useful. I'd be very concerned about getting any laundry done. I do have a farm pond with water in it at the moment. It does get low during the summer though. I have a bucket, no scrub board but could probably make do without in an emergency. I do have a clothes line. So it would be hard but not impossible I think.


    1. Marney, the laundry would definitely be an issue. If you couldn't wash the soiled laundry immediately, what would you do with it until you could?

    2. Oh yuck, I'd want to bundle it into the garbage! Well, I wouldn't really do that. I guess I'd scrape it off as best I could ( sorry to gross anyone out!) and soak it in a bucket with the pond water and detergent. If I didn't have water I'd put some stain remover on it, put it in a bag and remove to the outdoors.


  4. First, we would send someone to town to try to buy some bottled, just in case the virus came from a failure to fully purify the tank water we're using. We have plenty of paper towels and cleaning products to clean up any messes that may have been made. We're also able to hand-wash the extra laundry and line-dry it. We'll fill the large bucket in the bathroom for more frequent flushing.
    The "sickie" will be put to bed and given plenty of fluids, including lemon balm tea (anti-viral and soothing to the digestive system) and soup made from home-canned broth and chicken and pasta from the pantry. We also have Tylenol in case headache, muscle aches, or a higher fever develop.
    -Susan O.

  5. First of all, how come someone always gets sick at the worst possible time? Anyway, on to the question, I have chicken broth in my pantry and some rice or noodles so I'd probably make a chicken soup for the sick one to have something to eat and help keep them hydrated. I have water so that is also taken care of. If they need an electrolyte solution I have a homemade recipe I'll pull out and make up if I need to.

    I'll make up a batch of homemade disinfectant and add some essential oils that help fight germs and I'll clean everything I possibly can with it. I have plenty rags and towels to help clean up any messes and plastic bags if I need them.

    I have a fire pit so I'll boil water to do the laundry with. I'll pull my wash tub off the side of the building where it hangs and we'll do the laundry in the driveway and hang it on the line. I have both Tylenol and advil if I need them for aches, headache, and fever.


    1. LOL, ShelliaJean, you're right, someone always gets sick at the worst possible time. Sounds like you could handle it just fine though!

  6. Well, thank God there is emergency food and water! I think I'd be okay with food, but the water I had been storing for 'washing up' would most likely be gone. I was hoping to avoid sickness by being very careful and using bleach to clean, hand sanitizers, and using paper plates, etc to cut down on possible illness. But this is a virus, and it wouldn't come from lack of sanitation, correct? Dehydration is a real concern here. I do have lots of chicken noodle soup, rice, and clear broth that could be heated up on the propane grill. I'd try to 'isolate' the individual and always use disposable gloves around the 'messes'. We have plenty of toilet tissue, but is the toilet flushing? I think the most important issue is to keep the person from becoming dehydrated. I have Tylenol and some other meds.

  7. We have Paracetamol and electrolytes for the pain. I have plenty of disenfectant and rags so sanitize everything. The rags could be burned after use as would any paperware that the invalid uses. Foodwise Chicken broth little and often and plenty of whatever liquids available. Our doctor advised us to get bottles of fizzy lemonade, (not the diet stuff) take the lid off so that it goes flat & give that to the invalid to drink. The phosphates and minerals in it are good for illness such as this


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