Friday, June 9, 2017

Disaster Preparedness Class #9

(This picture is just one of many scenes of Huricane Matthew's devestation to our area that I'll be sharing throughout this class.  I do not remember where I got this picture so I can't give credit.  I took many photos myself and others were shared with me so please understand if I can't give the proper credit for each photo I'll be sharing.)

Has everyone recovered from the nasty virus your family had?  It really made us of think about how important water is in a disaster situation beyond what we need for drinking and cooking. 

Today life is going on in our disaster situation and we’re learning to make the best of a bad situation.  You remember that someone in your immediate family, child, grandchild, spouse, etc has a birthday this week.  How are you going to make it a special day for them?  Can you bake them a cake?  Do you have a gift?  How are you going to handle this special day?

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  1. We survived the virus outbreak and are thankful that everyone is feeling better. We're tired of lugging extra water, but thankful we do have a water source near by.

    As for the birthday, most of us would be able to hold off the celebrations until everything goes back to normal, with the exception of my daughter. Her birthday is in May, but if it was her birthday, we'd try to make the day special in some way. We're usually on top of getting her gifts early and may have it already. But if not bought yet, we would probably know what we planned on getting and tell her what it was. That way she could come with us to pick it out later. I think we could make an attempt to make a boxed cake or brownies on the BBQ. Never done it before, but we could try. There would be lots of promises to have a nice celebration later, though. To make the day special, I might make the effort to charge one or more of her beloved electronics for her to play that day.

    1. Rhonda, it all comes down to water doesn't it??? You've got this birthday covered!!! You go girl!

  2. My stove is propane so I could definitely do a cake . I've cook cake on a gas grill before they are so moist .My cake pans have metal lids or you can use tin foil .
    Presents may have to wait for a while . Our 3 and 5 Year old grandsons live with us and we try to keep presents simple .

    1. Dee, I'd love to know how you cook a cake on a gas grill!

  3. I think I could get pretty creative with this. Depending on the age and sex of the Birthday Person, I could do some sort of art project/card and write down all the wonderful and loving things B.P. has done in their life--a celebration of that life. I would write stories about it, maybe illustrate the story. This would cause some laughs or tears, but it would be meaningful. Others could contribute some thoughts or stories. A special kindness for B.P. would be in order--perhaps others could share their portion of food or treats with B.P. I do have some gifts on hand, but I think a meaningful gift would not be a material gift (unless it was a child--then do both). Of course you could promise a special day for B.P. when "this is all over with" as that would give them hope and something to look forward to. Maybe you could find a special treat such as packaged cookies that you 'forgot' about in your pantry and have some lit candles, sing Happy Birthday. I'm sure I could come up with something and of course, attitude is everything... "This too shall end".

  4. we have just spent 3 days of our vacation stranded in a tiny 2 bed cottage in Wales when the local river burst it's banks. Fortunately we had taken a whole weeks food with us and had just put it all away when it happened. Our electricity went off but we still had a wood stove to cook on and for heat. My husband & I coped really well, but my in-laws who were with us, began to get a bit stir-crazy. My MIL is a neat freak, always cleaning and tidying up. She just couldn't get her head around not being able to flush the toilet because the pump to the septic tank wasn't working.
    I think I learned that we need morethings to occupy our minds as well as our hands from all this.
    I also need to put more info into files, get books, games etc. No electric =no wifi = no inernet = no information.
    We are back at home now and I will be reviewing my plans and updating them with what I've learned over the last week.
    Also I will be catchng up on he classes I missed.

  5. Well we made it thought the dreaded stomach virus.

    A birthday is something I think I could handle now. My children are grown but our youngest still lives at home. Not sure I could make a cake but I'm pretty sure I could make donuts. My son would be THRILLED as he loves donuts. So I've got the special treat handled. I make all my own cards so that would have already been done. I usually make most of my family cards late in the fall so they are ready for the next year. A present would be what it always is, they want money. So money it will be. Now where did I put those birthday candles and I know I have some paper napkins for birthdays around here somewhere.


  6. If I could figure out how to cook a cake on the bbq then I could make one of those depression era cakes ( no eggs). I'd give it a try anyway. I have plenty of cards on hand, and even some birthday candles. Except for $, which my teenage son would certainly welcome, I wouldn't have any presents, but my husband and I usually treat each other to a dinner or night away for gifts, but that could wait.


  7. And I could put out my 'Happy Birthday' paper plates, napkins and cups that I saved to use for an emergency... Maybe we can make some Kool-Aid, and maybe we can come up with some sort of dessert for the plates. Actually, this would be the easiest 'emergency' to handle. And after this disaster is nothing but a bad memory, I'll be thankful every time I turn on the faucet, flip a light switch, open the fridge, flush the toilet, use the microwave, stove, coffee maker, toaster, turn on the computer, sew up a project... etc. As I sit and ponder the current disaster, I'll dream of the "days of old" (when we had modern conveniences). ha!

  8. Hubby has his birthday, and because I'm so well organised, his present is upstairs under the bed with his card. It's the food that will be a problem as we always go for a meal. We've eaten the treats and comfort food we had stored so need to put my thinking cap on. I have just remembered I have some Reese peanut butter cup's hidden, i will put candles into some of them, he will love it


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