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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fall Bucket List 2017!

I'm having so much fun with my fall bucket list!  Look at the things I've done from it this week ... 

Decorate for fall  ... done!

Eat ‘trick or treat’ candy

Burn fall candles ... ongoing ... the scent I'm enjoying now is called 'bountiful harvest.'

Make l0w-carb pumpkin cupcakes done!
Here’s the recipe I used … my husband and I both agreed that they were very good! 

Work on getting Christmas gifts wrapped and mailed if necessary

Enjoy my front porch swing ... I got to spend some time on my swing reading a good book one afternoon ... what a relaxing time!  

Read at least 3 books ... I started Caroline: Little House, Revisited by Sarah Miller this week.  I am really enjoying this book.  If you like the Little House on the Praire series, you will like this book.  It is the account of the Ingalls family's move from the big woods of Wisconsin to a new life in Kansas from Caroline's point of view.

Prepare and mail ‘fall treats’ for my grandbabies

Prepare ‘fall treats’ for the local little people in our lives

Enjoy the fall foliage and turning of the leavesongoing

We took a day trip and enjoyed the fall foliage along the way.   We got to enjoy this view of Grandfather Mountain.  This mountain really does look like a grandfather lying on his back!  Can you see the forehead, nose, lips and beard?

Go for a ‘fall’ walk at least once

Visit the local pumpkin patch

Purchase fall mums

Purchase fall pumpkins  ... done!

Enjoy our church’s fall festival

Finish the afghan I’m crocheting and snuggle under it

Enjoy soups and stews

Enjoy the cooler temperatures … ongoing

Plant garlic

Pick up pinecones and make fire starters

Mail birthday gifts to two of my grandchildren

Not on the list, but should have been:
Watch 'It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown' ... done!

 How are you doing on your fall bucket list?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. I love your fall bucket list, Patsi! What a gorgeous drive that must have been. I love Grandfather Mountain (my Father in Law is from Old Fort)! So beautiful!

    1. Thank you Jenn! I'm familiar with Old Fort!

  2. You're making progress! I am, too. I've updated my list here.

  3. You must be somewhere in my area since Grandfather Mountain was a day trip for you! Our lives have seemed to be on hold waiting for our missionary kids to go but they went yesterday so it is time to get back to living and do some fun things!

    1. Lana, as difficult as that can be, it really is the best thing for you ... get back to living and do some fun things.

  4. I need to write a list of things I want to do this Spring. I generally want to spend more time at the beach. I have been getting down there for a walk with the fur baby but the winds have been all wrong and the sand blasting we have been getting hasn't made the walk a lot of fun. I need to pull my fishing kayak our of the shed, clean it off and get it ready to get out and get some fishing done, once the winds turn. I haven't wet a line now for 4 months! Mind you the widower neighbours have been out a lot and have shared the bounty with us. Two varieties of reef fish, Coral Trout and Sweet Lip are filleted and frozen.
    I haven't been very social of late and have started to become a real hermit. I need to find a group I can join for face to face contact with people I have something in common with.
    I think that might be enough for my list just for now.

    1. Jane, I wish you luck on finding a face to face like minded group to become part of. Sometimes that can be hard to do depending on where one lives.

  5. I just love that photo of Grandfather Mountain. Thank you for sharing another example of God's handiwork!

  6. Patsy, your list puts mine to shame! All I have is to get through my daughters final year of school (finished in 14 school days!), and enjoy Christmas. I really should make more of an effort. Well done to you! Love, Mimi xxx

    1. Mimi, your daughter's final year of school is more important! Enjoy it as you will never travel this road again with her!


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