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Monday, October 16, 2017

The Ways of My Household 10/16/2017

Monday through Friday of this week was hot and humid, summer temps returned with a vengeance.  Then Saturday and Sunday brought in some much cooler temperatures and relief from the humidity.  It was such a pleasant weekend.  I even stole a few minutes on my front porch swing on Sunday afternoon!  Now, if these cooler temperatures will just hang around!

Here’s what I accomplished this week …

I saved $126.87 on 3 items of clothing (a pair of pants, a blouse and a skirt).  The original price was $152.19 for all three, but I paid $25.31 instead.  When it comes to clothing if I don’t make it I buy it off the clearance racks of nicer department stores … which is where I scored this deal.  Quality clothing … name brand clothing … on a small clothing budget.  It can be done!

We found these 33 lb boxes of mis-cut leg quarters for $12.99.  That makes them $.39/lb which is an unheard of price in our area.  We purchased one and I canned it.  I added 18 pints of chicken meat and 10 quarts of chicken broth to my pantry!

We also found boston butt’s on sale for $.99/lb.  We put them in the oven and slow cooked them overnight.  The next day we divided the meat up into meal size portions and added 4 large packages to the freezer part of my pantry plus we left enough out to have for a couple of meals.  I also took the broth and meat drippings that cooked out of the meat, strained it into a large container and set it in the refrigerator overnight.  I canned it when I canned the chicken broth.  I added 3 quarts of meat broth to my pantry from the drippings.

The same store had bananas on sale for $.39/lb.  We purchased 4 bunches and I plan to dehydrate them.  I’m really trying to build up fruits in my pantry as the prices are expected to go up due to hurricane damage in key agricultural areas.

We purchased 20 lbs of ground beef to add to our pantry.  Buy buying it in bulk we were able to get a better price. Here’s how we freeze our ground beef to save space in the freezer.   

This has been a big stocking up week for us and it has felt good to be able to fill in some of the areas that were getting low.

I gratefully received a really nice skirt this week from a friend.  It had been given to the lady who gave it to me and she couldn’t wear it so she gave it to me.   It fits perfectly!

I also gratefully received a hodge podge of sewing items from a neighbor that she had gotten from cleaning out a storage locker she and her husband had purchased.  Some of the items were housed in a cheese box.  I was excited to see that, this makes 3 cheese boxes that I have now and none of them cost me a cent!  Now, all I need to do is find some time to get them stained or painted and stenciled.

What did you do to live frugally, build up your pantry or save money this week?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27
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  1. We had 99 cents Boston butts, too. We had one cut into three parts and cooked one and froze the other two. Actually two meals went into the freezer from the one I cooked. Also 99 cent chicken breasts which we were completely out of so that really filled a need. We added some cans of chicken noodle soup to the pantry for 50 cents a can and cut green beans for 37 cents a can. I have over $50 in Plenti points and am thinking they will be well spent on our holiday meats.

    My husband was given 12 pallets with solid plywood tops that we are using for various projects. He is building two new dollies to move plants in and out of the garage over the winter. They replace a large one that has gotten too heavy to handle. More of the pallets will be used to built a new wood rack. The rest will be broken down for easier storage of the wood.

    We cleaned out one freezer and decided we need a better way of organizing that freezer to avoid things getting lost and forgotten and freezer burnt. Thinking about that before we act. I did a freezer inventory of anther freezer so that we avoid waste there.

    I bought two pairs of jersey sport pants for hubby for winter for $7.99 a pair which were regularly $29.99 each. We do like you and buy on clearance or deep discount sales of name brands. It is worth waiting and watching for what is needed.

    1. Lana, I haven't found chicken breast for $.99/lb. That is an excellent price. I need to find some pallets for the wood. I want to make some signs and the pallet wood pieces are the perfect sizes. Sounds like you are a wise shopper!

    2. Try Googling 'FREE PALLETS'. My husband did that and found some places the next town over where you can just drive up to the loading dock of some businesses and pick up any that are stacked there. The ones we got came from a friend who was moving and needed to get rid of them.

  2. Patsy, you had an amazing week!!!! Sometimes that just happens! So happy for you! We cleaned out one freezer and our pantry. I did find some holes that need to be filled! Will have to wait though. Budget for stocking up is not there this month! We will be just fine, but it's hard to not just run out and fill those holes!

    I had a good clothes shopping day last week! I got two pairs of pants and one shirt for less than $5 out of pocket at JCP!!!! It pays to keep an eye out for good coupons!

    Our weather has FINALLY cooled down this morning! I couldn't take the heat and humidity any more!!! So thankful to have the windows open again!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Holley

    1. Holley, we've been waiting to fill in the holes too and it finally happened last week. $5 out of pocket at JCP ... hoot! hoot! Our weather can't make up it's mind whether it wants to be summer or fall, I'm voting for fall!!!

  3. You really are finding some good bargains! Love reading what you make and store. Nancy

    1. Thank you Nancy, I take bargain hunting, saving money, stretching our money and stocking my pantry very seriously. It is my 'job!'

  4. Where do you find deals like the Chicken, miss cut leg quarters. I have not heard of such things before.

    1. nanasknoll, we found them at a locally owned grocery store. I had never seen them before either!

  5. Those were great deals on the meat and bananas!

    1. Debbie, yes they were, we felt blessed to find them.

  6. You've had super savings! I'm impressed. I hope to get busy saving again after I recover from surgery on Friday.

  7. Hi Patsy here is a great free sourdough gf cook book I found if you don't already have it...https://www.culturesforhealth.com/learn/gf-sourdough/art-of-gluten-free-sourdough-baking/
    I l love reading your blog! Always find your tips a great help!! Love Gaila in Washington state


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