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Here are some free downloads of things I've written.  Permission is given to share as long no changes are made in the documents and as long as a link is given back to A Working Pantry

If you find any of these to be helpful would you consider making a donation of any size?  Any and all donations are appreciated.


Homemade Brown and Serve Biscuits

Storing Cornmeal Long Term

Preserving Candy

Freezing Bulk Bacon

Recipe Cards

Zucchini ... What to do with it!

This is Why!  (be sure to scroll down to the first entry in this series.)

Yes, You Can Have a Well-Stocked Pantry?

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  1. Patsy, I was just thinking I need to make some rolls for the freezer, and wondered where your recipe for them was. Thanks for posting it.


    1. Hi Kathi! I'm not sure what you are referring to ... if you are referring to my homemade brown and serve biscuits, the recipe is given in the pdf document above. If this is not what you're referring to, let me know.

  2. Hi Patsy! Thanks so much for the dry-canning info. I live in south Mississippi and have been scouring the internet for info on safely storing foods in our hot, humid climate. I'm also interested in how to store saved seeds here...everything molds if not kept in an air conditioned area, and electricity is something we cannot always depend on. During Katrina, some parts of our county were out of power for nearly two months. I love your blog; there's much good info here.

    1. We have a similar situation with the heat, humidity and subsequent mold. As for saving seeds in an off-grid situation, if I didn't have a basement, I think I would try putting them in glass jars and burying them in the ground in a sealed container. Just my thoughts.

    2. Thanks for another good tip! I'll definitely keep this in mind as I am a compulsive jar saver. :)


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