Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Q & A: Low Carb Super Bowl Snacks

Here's another request that came after I posted Pantry Challenge #4 ... 2015 ...

Request:  I would love it if you would share your low carb Super Bowl fare.

Answer:  After changing to a low-carb lifestyle 9 months ago, my husband and I mostly eliminated grains, pasta's, sugar and rice from our diets.  We  still enjoy the occasional splurge but for the most part those items are no longer in our diets so, with the upcoming Super Bowl this Sunday and with our limited budget, I needed to come up with snack foods that would fill both our diet restrictions and that could be made from things we have on hand.

Here's what we'll be enjoying after we get home from church while my husband watches the game and I watch the commercials:

These Buffalo Spiced Nuts ... I have pecans and peanuts on hand so that's what I'll use.

These Pecan Tassies ... So glad I have everything in my pantry to make these ... they look delicious!

These Nacho Meatballs ...  I'm pretty sure these are going to be a big hit!

A Super Bowl 'watching' is not complete without chips and dip so I'll take some Joseph's Bread, cut it into small wedges, place it on microwavable plate covered with parchment paper and 'bake' them for 60 seconds in the microwave.  They come out crisp and dip able.  For the dip part I'll make up a guacamole dip using frozen avocado from the freezer part of my pantry.

That's what we'll be having, what low-carb things are you having for your Super Bowl fare?

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