Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Making a Pattern from a Garment

Remember this little dress that I found at Goodwill while we were traveling ...
I told you I would wash it, then take it apart and cut a pattern from it, remove the buttons and add them to my button jar for future use and that the fabric would be added to my stash. I told you that I would add a pattern, buttons and fabric to the sewing part of my pantry for $1 which was the cost of the dress.
Today I started working on getting it done ...
I washed and dried the little dress and then started cutting it apart ...
After cutting it apart, I removed the buttons ...
Then I laid the dress pieces on some muslin scraps that used to be part of window curtains ...
I added 1/4 seam allowance to the sides and shoulders and made notes using a fine point sharpie on sewing the garment together ...  (I also noted the size on the garment.)
I then took the dress and cut it into useable pieces ... 1 inch strips, 2 inch squares and larger pieces that I left intact for future projects.
In a future post I will share how I take the pattern and make a dress for my little granddaughter.  I think I'll also add a pair of ruffled bloomers to go with it.  Stay tuned!  I love adding to the fabric/sewing part of my pantry in the most economical way possible!
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  1. That's fabulous Patsi. Thank you so much for showing this wonderfully useful idea. Paper patterns are so pricey now days.

    1. Sherri, yes patterns are and I just don't buy them unless there is a really good sale like 5 for $5 or 3 for $5. Then I try to anticipate future needs and stock up.

  2. Great post Thank you Patsi
    My mother is a great seamstress and would whip up a pattern for me and now she is no longer able to do this I value the skill. Thank you for sharing

  3. Thats adorable. Also what a sweet little pattern. So many possibilities. Maybe I will have a Grand daughter! Only four weeks to go and I will find out. Either way I will be making lots of things! xxx

    1. Annabel, it is so much fun to sew for the little ones. So happy for you that you are about to be a grandmommie ... what pure joy is waiting for you just around the corner!

  4. That is such a smart & thrifty idea. My mother was so creative and made all my clothes growing up. She made alot of my children's clothes when they were little even their winter coats. My mother in law also was a wonderful seamstress and did sewing for other people and did alterations for a bridal shop. She is not really able to see much anymore. My mother passed away several years ago but I have her sewing machine, patterns and fabric. Most of that has been in storage due to lack of room to get it all out. I'm in the very beginning process of trying to fix a craft/sewing room in one of our bedrooms since all of our kids are gone now. I was just curious as to how you store your fabric and patterns so that you know what you have on hand when you get ready to do a project. I know there's lots of pictures on Pinterest, I just like to get real, practical ideas from people that actually use their stuff.

    1. Oh Vicky, with my limited space (translated small house) I haven't figured out a way to store it effectively YET! Right now it is in tubs and a trunk, I just sort through it when I'm looking for something to do a project with.


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