Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pantry Challenge #14 ... 2015

This week my husband and I got to meet our newest grandchild.  She is 4 months old and such a delight.  We got to spend 3 days with her and her older brother and their mommy and daddy and aunt.  It was 3 days of pure family togetherness that we will cherish and hold dear to our hearts until we can all get together again.

(The picture of the beautiful flowers on the right was taken at the Mennonite Sale and Auction we attended this week.  You'll read more about that in this post.)

My to-do list from last time:   

Bargain shop.  Oh my, did we have fun doing this!  Read on to see what I mean.

We found these restaurant size containers at a store called ‘Dirt Cheap.’  Regular price $13.08 …  we got them for $3.92 each!  These are the kind of containers that are used when making artesian type breads.

Our Sam’s Club shopping netted us 4 free travel size bottles of hand sanitizer (we were at 2 different Sam’s Club’s this week) that we got from a kisosk and free samples of Advil from another kisosk.  We also purchased bulk containers of Dale’s Sauce that we can’t find at our local Sam’s Club.

I found this St Patrick’s Day t- shirt on clearance for $1 at another store and purchased it.  I’ll pack it away and bring it out next year.

We had broken a couple of bowls that we use on a regular basis recently and so we hit up the Goodwill stores looking for replacements.  We were not disappointed.  We not only found pyrex bowls to replace the ones we had broken but also found some pyrex bake ware at a fraction of what they would have cost new.  All were in very good condition.

While at the Goodwill store I went to the ‘sheets’ section and scored a 100% white full size fitted sheet for $2.99, a 100% full size white flat sheet for $2.99 and 2 twin size ‘pillow ticking’ fitted sheets for $1.99 each.  Since we don’t have a full size bed nor a twin size bed in our house you might wonder why I purchased these items.  Here’s why … the sheets were of good quality, they were unspotted and in great condition.  I’ll take them home, wash them and add them to my fabric stash for future projects.  I get fabric for sewing from more places than a fabric store!

Before we left the Goodwill store I looked over the ‘books’ section and came away with a couple of different Karen Kingsbury books and a book on couples in the Bible both at a greatly reduced price.

One of my daughter's is the assistant director at a library and she mentioned to me that they had a small section of used books for sale in the library. We'll of course I had to go ... books are one of my many weaknesses! I found these three for the grand total of $.60. The Mason Jar Soup to Nuts cookbook has several meals in a jar recipes in it that I want to try. Meals in a jar are a nice addition to any pantry. The Hillbilly Cookin 2 book has lots of old recipes and ways of doing things. It even has a few herbal remedies in it. The Kitchen Bright Dishcloths has 10 different patterns/designs some of which I want to try. My knitting abilities are limited to dishcloths!

 I found this little romper on sale for $3.50 at a consignment shop. I have been looking for this exact color of fabric and pattern for many months. When I saw this little outfit I knew I would buy it for the fabric. It was in excellent condition, no spots or worn spots and I could get a big enough piece of fabric from it that would suit my needs perfectly. I'll take it home, wash it, cut the embroidery piece out to use in a future sewing project, cut out the size of fabric I need for the sewing project I needed it for and then add the rest of it to my quilting remnants to use in the string quilt I'm making this year.

I found this cute little dress at goodwill for $1. I fell in love with the fabric, it wasn't stained, the buttons on the back are cute and in good condition and the design of the dress would be simple to make in the right size for my granddaughter. So, I purchased it ... first I will wash it, then take it apart and cut a pattern from it, remove the buttons and add them to my button jar for future use and the fabric will be added to my stash. I will add a pattern, buttons and fabric to the sewing part of my pantry for $1.

We rounded out our week with a visit to a Mennonite Horse Drawn Implement Auction and Sale.  You can read about the treasures we came away with HERE!

My pantry building this week has included several areas, not just food … but it’s like I always say … a working pantry is more than just food!  By the time it’s time to write the next pantry challenge things will be back to normal and all this bargain shopping we’ve been doing will come to an end.  It has been so much fun and our pantry is getting some much need replenishing and building back up from our recent 3 months of living almost exclusively from it.

Here’s my pantry to-d0 list for next week:

Bargain shop

Now it’s your turn, what have you done to build up your pantry or live frugally?

A Working Pantry

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  1. What a wonderful week! Meeting your Grand daughter being the biggest thing of course.
    But travel holds so many possibilities and you have made it fun too. I also buy sheets for fabric, and Donna covers as they are two layers of fabric. I like cotton and pretty old floral prints. Such a lot of fabric for so many projects so cheaply!
    My golds for the week... Shop for after Easter grocery specials, veggies for some soup and meat for a casserole to cook up a big lot. And to add at least six items to my cellar. The weather is cooling here and it's raining. Very happy! Can't wait to see your next bargains! Xxx

    1. We plan to hit the after Easter sales too! What are Donna covers? I saw some sheets with the old floral prints but they were not in good condition. The bargain hunting continues for a few more days!

    2. I think my reply ended up goodness knows where thanks to my ipad...
      ok a doona cover could be called a quilt cover? It covers the warm comforter on the bed... so it is a lot of fabric as it has two layers and often a frill around the edge. So good value for fabric.
      I cant wait to see what other bargains you get. Travel safely! xxx

  2. So happy you got to spend time with your family, and got to meet your new grandaughter. What wonderful finds..
    We got a Dirt Cheap Store in our little town,[it is a mile from me..--oh no... that is too close, and I visit too often.ha]
    Great finds..

    1. It was my first visit to a Dirt Cheap store ... we will be going back when we're in the area again!

  3. Are the Donna covers what I know as a Duvet cover?: Duvet covers are two layers of fabric. Love your pantry & way of shopping. Sandy L., living in the mountains of California.

    1. Thank you Sandy L! I understand what it is now!

  4. First, I want to say I'm so glad I was recommended to check out your blog! I'm so excited to check it out! Second, you had some great bargains! I love goodwill! This books looks awesome! I am book lover and get sucked in by them! Excited to explore some more of your blog.

  5. Hi Patsy. You sure got some great bargains! Your new granddaughter is going to steal you heart, of that I am sure. I have two granddaughters and they just make my heart swell with pride and joy every time I see them. I've added a dozen tins of prepared beans to my pantry this week. They were marked down to just -49c and will form the base of many lunches and dinners for us. I also found some 'ugly' produce at the fruit market and roasted 6 trays of Roma tomatoes with a drizzle of Balsamic vinegar, and we'll eat those with risotto, pasta, salads and on corn cakes with ricotta...yum. Such a great meal or snack ingredient. I also roasted eggplant and oversized zucchini slices to make a healthier version of lasagna, using those instead of pasta as we eat gluten free here. Some toiletries (shaving cream, deodorant, toothpaste) were added to the pantry from the Clearance bin at the supermarket, and I grabbed some extra toilet paper as I had a bit of wiggle in the budget due to finding all those other lovely bargains. I also candied some limes as they were inexpensive, and I'll add those to home made trail mix. A good week for me, I think. Thankyou for the continued inspiration. Mimi xxx

    1. Mimi Mama, I have two granddaughters and they are my heart. I also have a cute little grandson that is just as much my heart. I dearly love being a grandmommie! You had a very productive week! I love it when bargain shopping earns me some extra room in our food budget. I have never heard of candying limes ... I'll have to check that out! Thanks for commenting!


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