Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sam's Club Clearance Tag's ... How to Read Them

I get lots of questions on how we shop at Sam's Club.  After reading this post, a lot of people wanted to know how we do it ... how do we find the bargains we get at Sam's Club. 

This post is going to cover one thing that we do and that is read the shelf tags.  We look for clearance items when shopping.  Clearance items are located all over the store including on the shelves, special displays, on a flatbed at the end of an isle and in a section of the store, usually in an out of the way corner, specifically for clearance items.  Here's an example of what to look for ... (This was a special display.)

If the price ends in the number 1 that usually indicates that it is a clearance price ... but not always, so we look at the numbers and letter in the upper right hand corner. If it ends in a 'C' then it is a clearance item.
Here's another example of a shelf tag.  You can't read the tag very well, but it will give you an idea of what you're looking for when checking the shelves for clearance items.
My husband's job often takes us to the town where our local Sam's Club is located and so whenever we are in the area we stop in.  We can usually walk the whole store and check it for clearance items in about 20 minutes.
We don't have any secrets or special connections ... we've just learned how our local Sam's Club operates.
Here's another post I wrote on shopping at Sam's Club with some additional tips.
I hope this has been helpful. 
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