Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pantry Challenge #18 ... 2015

The weather finally got warm enough this week to finish up the garden planting and it has been a busy week !

My to-do list from last time:   

Continue planting garden and replacing items that didn’t survive the winter. Done!  We replaced a peach tree and an apple tree in our orchard that didn’t survive the winter.  We added 3 blackberry plants to our blackberry patch that we got on clearance, and planted 20 additional strawberry plants that we got on clearance too.  We also planted zucchini, yellow squash, potatoes, okra, red onions, cucumbers, mini decorative pumpkins, howden pumpkins and butternut squash in the garden.

Continue planting herbs … I planted jewelweed, comfrey, cilantro, parsley, marjoram and chives.  I still have a few more to plant.

Vacuum seal Cheerios … Partially Done!  I added 9 quarts and 1 pint of Honey Nut Cheerios and 9 quarts and 1 pint of plain Cheerios to my pantry.  I still have a few more plain Cheerios to do.

Vacuum seal tea bags … Partially Done! I added 4 ½ quarts to my pantry.  I still have another box to do.

Vacuum seal oats … Didn’t get done!

In addition:

We were given 2 metal T clothesline poles recently and my husband got them installed this week. You can see it HERE.

Our Sam’s Club bargains this week were fragrant roses on clearance for $5.21 each (regular price $12.91 each).  They needed a little TLC, but that wasn’t a problem, and are now doing fine planted beneath a dogwood tree in my yard. If all goes well, this dogwood tree will be surrounded by beautiful fragrant roses in the not too distant future.

I also found, on clearance, some lilac bushes.  I purchased 2 and planted them beneath the window of our bedroom.  With lots of TLC, I’m hoping they will grow to be big, healthy and reach up to the window.  I can just image opening the windows to the smell of lilacs!

One more thing that I found on clearance at Sam’s Club was 2 hydrangea bushes.  I purchased 2 and planted them beneath another dogwood tree.  I can image these bushes loaded with their big blue flowers growing nestled in the curve of the tree … oh, did I mention that this particular dogwood tree has a slight curve in it!

I purchased Hosta bulbs, these were not on sale, and started them in pots in our green house.  When they come up and get a little size to them I plan to plant them around another tree in our yard.

I started painting the popcorn tins I told you about HERE.  I’ll be doing a post on them later in the week.

I mended a sheet that had a small tear in it. 

We spent less than $10 on groceries this week.  That’s how I could take advantage of the flowers I got on sale at Sam’s Club!  We’ve been eating mostly out of our pantry this week and plan to continue this as long we can through the summer months.  This will give us a little more discretionary money to do some unbudgeted things we would like to do.

I received a $25 Amazon gift card I earned through Swagbucks.

I earned and received another $5 Amazon gift card through Bing

I received a $21 check from Pinecone Research for doing surveys.

We added $3.05 to our change jar.  

Don’t forget about the sale Zaycon foods is having on their chicken breast right now … $1.69/lb.   I wrote about it HERE.

I finished writing out the first chapter of the book of James from the Bible in my “James’ journal and am well into the second chapter.  This has become one of my favorite ways of getting God’s Word into my mind and heart.

I’m also working on reading through the entire Bible in a year.  I fell a little behind on this while we were on our working vacation but am working to get caught up and back on track.

I marked my Bible with this free More Than Conquerors Bible study.  Another one of my favorite ways of studying God’s Word is by marking in my Bible.  I’m currently working on marking my Bible with another free study on ‘Attitude,’ this is another good one!

New on A Working Pantry blog this week:  I added 2 more free downloads.  One is a set of recipe cards and the other is an info sheet on zucchini giving ideas on what to do with it.

My updated 2015 gardening journal can be found HERE!  I update it several times a week.

Here’s my pantry to-d0 list for next week:

Finish planting herbs

Finish vacuum sealing Cheerios

Finish vacuum sealing tea bags

Vacuum seal oats

Continue planting herbs

Place a Subscribe and Save order through Amazon.  I’ve decided to set aside the money I earn through Swagbucks and Bing each month to pay for this.  

Now it’s your turn, what have you done to build up your pantry or live frugally?

A Working Pantry

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  1. I just want to thank you for making time to help people like me. I am a 58 year old single disabled nurse on a small fixed income. My plan was to take inventory-done, get my seal and plug for my canner-done, collect my jars-done, add the three piece canning kit-done, research on the 3 cubic freezer, dehydraters and foodsave-done but not added. My plan for this next week is to browse the second hand stores for jars and anything else that I need. oh and I added Demetria Clarks book " 475 Herbal and aromatheraoy recipes".

    1. Claudette, you have been quite busy yourself, sounds like you've had a productive week. I love shopping in second hand stores ... good luck, I hope you find lots of things you can use. I'm not familiar with Demetria Clark, I'll have to check her out. Thanks for posting and for the encouragement!

  2. Patsy, what you achieve makes my head spin. Those plantings are going to be really worthwhile in months and years to come, that's for certain. I can't wait to read those downloads....what a gift, thankyou! Mimi xxx

    1. Mimi Mama, I love flowers and the simplicity and beauty that they bring to my life. I think I like 'tinkering/babying' them as much as I enjoy their beauty. Thanks for commenting and your encouraging words!

  3. Hi Patsy! It has finally been nice enough that I have been hanging laundry on the line! My ladies are laying more the last few days and I have a really good supply of eggs I need to do something with. My husband helped a neighbor and he sent him home with 2 steaks! No grocery shopping yet just little things here and there, but I am putting a little each week in an envelope and when a good sale happens I'm ready! I am still on a mission to restock pet supplies and hope to do some this week with my babysitting money and coupons. With the way things are going with our country at the moment I'm thinking having a little or a lot extra of everything even for my animals would be most prudent. I am going to email you so I can get your address. I would like to send you a birthday card this month! If that is alright? The kids down the road egged mine and the neighbor across the street's houses! he called the sheriff and when he was done sent him to my house. The sheriff asked what I wanted done. I had him go get the boys and I made them clean up the mess! He asked if I wanted to press charges, uh no they are just kids, but since they had to do it to my satisfaction I made them scrub the side of the house the gutters and the deck! And told them if they messed around again I have plenty of chicken poop, dog poop and cat poop they would be tending to. I don't think they'll bother my house again. I hope a lesson was learned anyway. My husband went to a few job interviews, but when they notice his hand with missing fingers it does not go well so no employment yet. I added $2.83 to my change jar and 2 crocheted dish cloths to my gift trunk. We recycled today and I retrieved more kelloggs codes and a few coke points. They all add up and help to add to the pantry in some way. I hope you have a great week and rest yourself!


    1. Vicky, I have laughed and laughed at your comment ... what an appropriate punishment for the young men who egged your house!!! I love all the frugal things you are doing, you are making some wise and prudent decisions that will pay off down the road. I continue to pray for you and your husband and that he finds a job soon. Thank you for such an uplifting comment ... and it would be an honor to get a birthday card from you.

  4. Patsy Lilac bushes planted outside your window sounds just like the best idea ever to me!
    Plus you got heaps done.
    Last week I added quite a few things to my pantry including batteries to build up my supply. I did heaps of cooking and cleaning plus some gardening. I also had some bargains some of which were vegetables that are now soup.
    Also my husband got a new job. This was a big deal and answer to prayer. I am going to pray for Vicky above that her husband gets given a chance.
    Have a great new week! I am trying to get off to a good start! xxx

    1. Sounds like you have been busy too Annabel! So glad your husband has a new job and thank you for remember Vicky and her husband, I'm sure the prayers will be appreciated. I've got another busy week ahead of me too!

    2. Thank you ladies it is greatly appreciated! And I feel uplifted knowing that you Annabel and Patsy are thinking of us! I hope the new job goes well for Annabel's husband.

  5. I moved in January, and my pantry was just thrown together. This past week I cleaned it; grouping things together and putting in order of expiration date. Then I inventoried it. One of this week's goal is to do the freezer.

    1. Susan, pat yourself on the back for a job well done!!!! Getting your pantry organized is a BIG thing!

  6. Wow, you have had a productive week! I am excited about your lilacs! I would love to plant some here too but haven't found any locally yet... Thank you for keeping us all going and inspired with all your projects! :)


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