Monday, June 1, 2015

Day Book #4

For Today ...  June 1, 2015

Outside my window ... it’s dark!

I am thinking ... that tomorrow is my weekly sewing day and I am looking forward to it! 

I am thankful ... for the soap we found on clearance today at Sam’s Club!  20 bars of Dial for $4.91!!!! 

I am creating ... an exercise routine that does not include walking on the treadmill.  Since my knee injury a few weeks ago I haven’t been able to walk on the treadmill.   I am looking into yoga and T-Tap as a replacement for the treadmill. 

I am going ...  to get up early tomorrow and do a little weeding in the garden before it gets so hot and humid. 

I am wondering ...  if there will be enough beets to can tomorrow.   The owners of the farm store where we purchase our chicken feed and dog food asked if we wanted any beets today while we were there.  We said ‘of course.’  We are supposed to go pick them up tomorrow.  I hope there is enough to can! 

I am reading ... An Amish Garden by Laura Anne Lapp.  I’ve had this book for several years and each year about this time of the year, I pull it out for a little inspiration.
I am seeing … a new month on the calendar.  Where did May go???? 

I am hearing … the TV as we wind down from a busy day.  Sitting and watching a little TV with my husband is a nice way to end the day. 

I am hoping ... for some rain!  We are beginning to need it badly! 

I am learning ... to pace myself as we play catch-up from having the twins with us last week. 

In my garden ...  we planted 40 heirloom tomato plants today that we grew in our greenhouse and gave 10 away to a neighbor.  I also planted some horseradish today. 

In my kitchen …. There are green onions and raspberries waiting to be preserved. 

Around the house … only the basic cleaning is getting done as there is so much gardening/harvesting/preserving to do right now. 

A scene from my day …

A Working Pantry

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  1. I don't have any idea how much credit you get from Amazon but over the last few days I ordered 3 expensive car seats and cookware. I like your blog so much and I went through your links so I hope it helps you. Have a good Tuesday :)

    1. Rhonda, thank you so much! I earn a small percentage and every little bit helps! Thank you for your encouragement both in word and deed!


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