Monday, July 13, 2015

Day Book Entry: July 13th, 2015

For Today ... July 13th, 2015

Outside my window ...  I see a huge field of sweet potatoes growing.  This will be the field we’ll glean from this fall … with the owner’s permission of course.

I am thinking ... about the pillow covers I want to stitch up during my sewing day tomorrow.

I am thankful ... to be using up most of my fabric scraps making a scrap quilt.

I am stitching ...  on a baby quilt!

I am going ... nowhere!  I am such a homebody and when I get to just stay home it thrills my soul!

I am wondering ... how long it will take my FitBit replacement to get here.  My FitBit wouldn’t hold its charge and the company is replacing it free of charge.  Having arthritis means I need to exercise regularly and the FitBit helps me to stay motivated to keep moving.

I am reading ... a message from my son!  Technology is a wonderful thing when your loved ones live far away.

I am seeing … the Christmas cross stitch project that I’ve been stitching away on for several weeks.

I am hearing … thunder … we’re getting some much needed rain.

I am hoping ... for lower temperatures soon.  This heat is dangerous!

I am learning ... so much from the folks in the A Working Pantry Facebook group!

In my garden ... the cantaloupe are ripening.

In my kitchen …. the window seal is filled with ripening tomatoes!

One of my favorite things ...  home grown, fresh from the garden cantaloupe! Yum!!!!

Around the house … you’ll find buckets of produce waiting to be preserved. 

A scene from my day … garden produce … notice our sandy soil!


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  1. I love it Patsi! It is very relaxing to read this before I head to bed. I love your zucchini! I have replanted twice now tell me who can't grow zucchini? Apparently me!

    1. Vicky, it may not be you, while we've had a few zucchini this year, our plants have not done well at all! Who would have ever thought I would say that we don't have enough zucchini!!!

  2. Hi, Patsy..
    I am a homebody too! and I have enough to do at home to keep me here! I love the day's I have a whole day to to mark off the items on my list.
    I am making three pillows for my sewing studio, one for a wicker chair and the other two for the couch....I also recovered my ironing surface, and everything is starting to pull together nicely.
    Hope you can post your sewing day fun.....
    Gotta keep those joints moving, don't you...I know, the more I move the less stiffness during the day..

    1. Enid, my sewing studio is my dining room table!!!! No room in our little house for a sewing studio but I don't let that stop me!

    2. Well, my studio was a garage in its' hay day. I don't have a large home either...and I had an Alteration and Dressmaking business, so we made the garage into a Sewing area to better serve my clients... there are times I would prefer to have my sewing room in the house.....but the studio is also a guest it serves a couple of purposes.....
      It seems that you get more done on your dining room table than I have been able to do......sewing is my creative outlet and miss sewing a much as I would like to...
      Can't wait to see your next projects ;-)


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