Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pantry Challenge #29 ... 2015

We’ve been put on alert … the intense heat is coming back!  It will more than likely finish off what is left of our garden so I’ll have to turn my thoughts in other directions in order to continue stocking my pantry.  

Before we look ahead to next week though, let’s see what I got done last week …

My to-do list from last time:   

We’re starting $5 or less pantry stocking challenge on the A Working Pantry Facebook group and here on the A Working Pantry blog and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can add to my pantry for $5 or less.  Done!  I purchased 2 (1 lb) bags of navy beans for $1.72 per bag.  I canned them and added 9 pints to my pantry.

Can this mustard.  Done! I added 9 pints of this delicious mustard to my pantry.
Inventory the stationary part of my pantry and make a list of what I need to replace.  School supplies are going on sale in our area and this is when I restock this area of my pantry.  Done! This area of my pantry is now stocked until next year ... and all at a fraction of the regular cost!

In addition:
It seems like all our cantaloupes (remember, we thought we were planting cucumbers) ripened at one time … and it was this week.  So we’ve been giving them away and eating our fill of them.   They are so good!

I crushed more cans and added them to our aluminum can collection.

I started harvesting and drying elderberries.  I'll use these in herbal remedies.

We found blueberries on sale for $.99/carton and purchased enough to add 5 quarts to the freezer part of our pantry.

We found fresh asparagus on sale for $.99/lb and purchased enough to make some pickled asparagus.  I added 8 pints to my pantry.

I had a ‘food preserving marathon’ Thursday and Friday, to see what I accomplished go HERE!

I shopped from my gift trunk this week for a bridal shower gift.

On my weekly sewing day this week I started stitching on envelope style throw pillow covers.   You can read about my weekly ‘sewing day’ HERE.
I’m working on earning enough points through Swagbucks to get a $25 Amazon gift card.
We added $6 in change to our change jar this week.
Here’s my pantry to-d0 list for next week:
Can tomato sauce
Harvest and dehydrate herbs
Complete $5 or less weekly pantry challenge
Now it’s your turn, what have you done to build up your pantry or live frugally?
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  1. I added four chicken taco kits and two vegetable oils to my pantry because of our five dollar challenge. This week I have frozen bluberries, peas, tomatoes, green peppers, and green beans. Tomorrow I will make blueberry pie filling and freeze more green beans. It has been a very busy week and weekend, but it is all good work.

    1. Yes, MamaHen, it is all good and such satisfying work! You've had a productive week!

  2. We added 53 quarts and 33 pints of homegrown green beans to our pantry this week. Add this to what we still have left from last year and we have 104 quarts of green beans. The week before we added 10 quart sized bags of blueberries from our bushes to the freezer. Though not ready yet, it looks as though we will have a good tomato crop this year as well. I just love this site. Thanks so much for all the information and just stopping by here fills me with motivation to stock my pantry. I am also excited to start my own gift trunk, too. What a great idea!

  3. I made lemon butter using up 12 of my lemons and used it as a gift plus as the base of some deserts. Made another Christmas present for my stash. Had no spend days staying at home.
    I loved your food preserving marathon Patsy! There are times we just have to keep going and get things done before they go too soft! I have had day after day of this some summers but it is wonderful really to have that much produce! You are making me look forward to summer. xxx

  4. Patsi,
    This week got paid half of what the mommy owes me for babysitting so I put gas in my truck and I got 4 packs of butter for $1.99 each and since I drove my mama bought me 4 butters too. They put a limit of 4 on them which they have never done before? I also got 3 bags of sugar for $1.66 each. Plus as you seen my big harvest of 1 green bean! My husband's UE has run out so no checks anymore, but my husband is going to be fixing mowers so there will be some money it will be tight for a few more months and then we can pay off the mortgage. I am drying some bread and celery and making bags of stuffing mix for this winter, but this morning was awful! You would have been ashamed of me! A lot of us have chickens on my road and since I got my new ones a coon has been killing chickens. I count mine each night when weput them away. The neighbor called me at 5:30 this morning because there was a chicken at his house and a dead one. I kept explaining to him they weren't mine I had my hubs go out and ours were still locked up and all 12 were in there. He comes to my house and is yelling at me saying doesn't it look suspicious that these attacked chickens just happen to be when I got new ones and he was going to call the sheriff and on and on! I finally lost my patience with him and screamed at him. I felt bad, but he just wouldn't listen. I sent my hubs over to get the darn thing even though it wasn't mine and by the time he got over there the old coot figured out it was the neighbors! There were feathers and blood in front of their house. We are setting a live trap in case it does come here. So hopefully the week will get better! Hope your husband feels better and you have a good week. Are you going to dehydrate some of your cantaloupe it's very tasty.

    1. Vicky, life is never dull at your house is it!!!! How do you make your stuffing mix?

    2. I replied earlier, but I think it may not have gone through so if not this may be a repeat. No it is never dull here for sure. For stuffing mix I dry and toast bread and cut it into cubes and put it in a baggie. Then for the seasoning I put dried celery, onion and parsley with bouillon and onion powder into a smaller baggie and put in with the bread cubes and twist tie the bag tight. Then I use either chicken stock or broth when I make it. You can add sage or whatever else you like. I like stuffing in the winter!

  5. We are just beginning our garden season, picked our first tomatoes yesterday and have just picked enough cukes to put up some pickles, we are ready though!! Love the idea of a gift trunk!

  6. I forgot to mention that I also made pesto. My basil did very well this year. I am hoping to make tomato basil soup. Plan to get mangos from Aldi for .49ea to cut up and freeze. Also plan to make juice with the scraps.


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