Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pantry Challenge #38 ... 2015

(I had looked everywhere locally for these large, long handled wooden spoons but had been unable to find them.  I wore out the ones I had!  While at a little non-electric Mennonite store recently I found them and purchased 5!!!  You just can't beat these for stirring things in deep pots!!!)

We’ve been babysitting 4 year old twins most of the week so my pantry building didn’t get a lot of attention, but that’s okay!

Here’s what I got done …

I canned 11 quarts of pears.  The pears came from our pear tree.  We love these fried up with a little butter and sweetener.

I took the peelings and cores from the pears I canned and turned them into 4 pints of pear juice which I will freeze.  I will make pear jelly with it when things are a little less busy at my house!

I got the bread I was air drying last week turned into bread crumbs and added 1 pint to my pantry.

I asked at the bakery section of Sam’s Club if they had any empty frosting buckets for free.  I was told that I could have only one … and only occasionally could I get one!  I don’t know if this is the policy at all Sam’s Club’s or not but I felt like I had been thoroughly grilled by the time I got the bucket.   It’s just a bucket and it’s the first one I had asked for … I don’t know why I was given the 3rd degree … I’m not sure I’ll go through that again for a bucket!  Has anyone else experienced this kind of treatment?  Maybe the lady was having a bad day!

My husband and I had been out mowing and doing yard work one afternoon and when we came in it was supper time!  I reached into the freezer and pulled out 2 of my homemade freezer dinners (made from leftovers and frozen in divided plates made for freezing, microwave heating and eating), micro waved them and sat down to a delicious, nutritious dinner!  I love having homemade freezer meals on hand for times like this!

I started the task of cleaning out our raised beds and getting them ready for winter.

I shopped a few sales this week and found:

2 (3 bars to a package) packages of Ivory soap which I paid $.47/package for after coupons.

This package of 2 bottles of dressing on clearance for $.41 at Sam’s Club.  We purchased one package.  We’ll use it for marinating purposes.

We saw this sprouted 7 grain bread on sale for $.51 a package in the freezer section of Sam’s Club but didn’t purchase any as we don’t eat much bread anymore.  (About the only bread we use anymore is Joseph's Bread or I make Gwen's Bread)

Here’s my pantry to-do list for the upcoming week:

Harvest herbs

Get a jar of cider fire started

Make some elderberry syrup for cold and flu season

Shop sales and loss leaders

Harvest rest of okra and lay out to dry for next year's seeds

Now it’s your turn, what have you done to build up your pantry or live frugally?

A Working Pantry

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  1. I love wooden spoons and especially big strong and long handled ones. Not so easy to get here either. What a busy week! You still got heaps done. I am happy with my last week. The biggest thing was that I got a tax refund. Well I am getting a tax refund. This will be sich a big help.also our weather is lovely and I'm spring cleaning. I have the bug and keep moving things, washing, dusting,polishing etc. If it's not nailed down its getting washed.
    My seedlings are all growing fast and looking good. And I added to the pantry and have a plan for what to add this week. Progress! Have a wonderful new week too. Love

    1. Congrats on the tax refund!!! I am gearing up for fall cleaning and yes, everything around here will get moved, dusted and cleaned before winter sets in. I usually spring clean and fall clean. My pantry will also get re-organized! I still have a few things that will get preserved but for the most part our gardening is over for the year ... except for the cover crop we will plant to enrich the garden areas soil.

  2. Oh my goodness! I would have bought at least 12 packages of that bread. I have had it before and love it. It is really dense with lots of whole ingredients in it. They have hamburger buns in it, too. Denise W.

  3. Patsi,
    I wonder why some places are so nasty about buckets they throw them out! The store I get them from they are happy to give them to me. I offered to pay for them and the manager said no he was happy to not have to throw them out. I have been busy taking advantage of the last of the hot days to get pillows washed and put outside to dry and windows cleaned and of course more canning. I turned those Coke points I have been dumpster diving for into a $5 Walmart gift card and added it to my gift card pile for my big stock up. Well big for me. I took Mama to her appointments and like I posted on the AWP fb page I used store rewards which I had more offers come in than when I posted so I got 4 cups of yogurt, 2 loaves of bread, a corn muffin mix, a can of soup and I had $2.00 of their brand of lunch meat from the deli so I did the math and based on a price of $4.99 a pound I asked for exactly 6.25oz. of that lunchmeat and got it free! So free bread and free lunchmeat will be free sandwiches tomorrow! And a happy surprise! I had $18.00 for gas and was only going to pick up the free items at the store since I was over that way. Well I stopped at the gas station and I had 14.76 in free gas from store rewards from another store so since that will be my gas for the next two weeks I got 9#'s of chicken breasts that is on sale for $1.99# and used the $18.00 that would have been put in the gas tank! I love happy surprises like that!
    I hope you have a great week you have been such a busy lady you need to take a nice break!

    1. Vicky, you are amazing ... congratulations on the free gas! We could all use some of that!

  4. I am new to your blog and fb page, just introduced by a friend. Enjoying it so far. This is just the kind of encouragement I have been needing. This week, with pantry stocking in mind, I purchased a 4 lb bag of pintos and 4 cans of salmon while at Aldi. I kept the garden watered in hopes of getting my fall veggies to germinate (beets, chard, leeks, sugar snaps, and carrots planted outdoors) and to keep my potatoes and sweet potatoes growing, as well as keeping alive a few remaining tomato and pepper plants hoping they'll produce this fall. I also have lettuces,and various brassicas started indoors to go out soon, and need to start another batch soon.

    1. Welcome Cat! Sounds like you are well on your way to having a well-stocked pantry! Keep up the good work!

  5. Patsy- apparently we should trade Sam's clubs!! Lol! At mine, over a period of 5 Saturday mornings @ 7:30 AM, I was able to get 40 large frosting buckets with kids that they had rinsed out and waiting for me! I told them the first Sat. What I would be using them for- my bulk grains- and the following Sat, at the appointed time, I came and picked up buckets. I continued coming each Sat at the same time until I had 40 (which was enough for me)! Each Sam's club is different though. I went to a different one earlier and they acted like I wanted to steal buckets from them!

    But I never see your kind of clearances at my Sam's club! 😓

    1. gardenpat, it definitely wasn't a pleasant experience! Glad you were able to get what you needed without the harassment!

  6. I don't bother with the free buckets. I know on a board I follow folks get loads of them....but I suspect stores get tired of being asked. Or this lady was saving them for someone in particular and shouldn't have been. My father was chummy with the lady at a local big box grocery store and I sent him to ask about buckets.....they no longer gave away or sold them. I did find a few at a garage sale, someone who apparently worked in a restaurant. They were pickle buckets with gasket lids for a buck.....and took a thorough scrubbing to remove the vinegar smell. I just schedule in a few buckets now and again from Menards. They have white food grade with gasket lids as well as gamma lids. Its a 40 mile round trip to bigger stores for me, so I think in the long run I'm probably saving time and gas.

    1. mdoe37, we live in a very rural area and to my knowledge don't have the option of purchasing food grade buckets with gasket lids ... I'll do some checking ... I could be wrong!!!! Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. It must have been who the person on duty was at the Sam's Club. The Walmart I frequent in a near by town is the same way. One day I can breeze by the person who guards the door without asking to see my receipt and the next time I get stopped and grilled - I had done self - checkout and when I tore my receipt out of the printer the total on the bottom was left on the printer. This woman proceeded to state to me 3 times -" I can't see the total where you paid. We need the total". I pointed out that the receipt would have not printed to start with it had I not paid. She responded again " this is not complete" and about that time my husband walked up and wanted to know what was wrong and I finally exploded! Evidently this lady was on some kind of power trip. I wonder if it is Constitutional for Walmart to stop it's patrons like that without just cause. It is something I need to look into.

  8. After you posted this about the bread being .51 I said I am going to look at our Sam's today while I was in there. Well they HAD IT! I got 3 bags of it. I didn't think to check on the other because I couldn't remember WHAT it was. LOVE your blog! OH I did also get us 2 pork loins while in there to. They had them for 1.88 a pound and I had to go ahead and get 2 of them for that price!!

  9. Rose1957, I'm glad you found the bread and that is a good price on the pork loins!!! Score!!!


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