Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pantry Challenge #39 ... 2015

Happy fall to all our U.S. readers!  The temps in our area are finally getting cooler and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me!  Lots of fall things are and will be happening at my house over the next few weeks:  fall decorations come out of storage and get put up, garden gets cleaned up and put to bed for the winter, fall cleaning gets done and a few outside jobs completed … now that the weather is bearable to work outside.    

Do you have a ‘fall’ to-do list?

My to-do list from last week:

Harvest herbs … Didn’t get done!

Make Gwen’s bread … Didn’t get done!

Get a jar of cider fire started … This didn’t get done either!

Make some elderberry syrup for cold and flu season … hanging my head in shame … no, not this either!

Shop sales and loss leaders.  Done!  I added V05 shampoo and conditioner on sale for $.77/bottle to my pantry this week!  You can read about it HERE.

In addition:

I harvested dried okra from our plants and started saving seeds for next year’s planting.

We were given some raw peanuts fresh from the ground.  There were quite a few of them so after my husband had boiled himself a big pot, I canned the rest.  I added 28 quarts of boiled peanuts to my pantry.  My husband loves these ... me, not so much ... I canned them for him.

I made a big batch of granola.  I love this stuff! 

I also made a big batch of spicy mixed nuts.  Hmm, good snacking food!

I restocked our supply of Nutribiotic Nasal Spray Plus this week.  Both my husband and I use this for our sinuses.  

Now that gardening is mostly over for us for this year, I have more time to read.  This week I started reading the new Trim Healthy Mama book and the new Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook.  As I’ve said before, I don’t follow the THM plan per say, but do use some of their low carb recipes and tips in both books.

Around the first of October I usually start getting serious about completing and mapping out our holiday plans and gift giving.  This week on our Working Pantry Facebook group we’re going to start a ‘getting ready for the holidays’ series where we’ll be helping each other get ready for the holidays in the most frugal way possible.  The first assignment will be posted Sunday night.   I know that some of you do not do Facebook so, would you like me to post the assignments here on the blog as well?  Let me know in the comments if you would.

Here’s my pantry to-do list for the upcoming week:

Harvest herbs

Make Gwen’s bread

Get a jar of cider fire started

Make some elderberry syrup for cold and flu season

Shop sales and loss leaders

Now it’s your turn, what have you done to build up your pantry or live frugally?

A Working Pantry

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  1. Right now I am letting cool some of the last tomatoes from my garden. I just blanched them, will peel and freeze as there are not enough to get out the canning pot. I also bought not a great price but better than buying canned at the store.. 5 lbs. of baby carrots which I intend to can either tomorrow or Monday. I bought baby carrots because they are already peeled. We don't eat a lot of carrots but do use them in vegetable soups. Canned carrots were 65 cents I think today at Aldi's. I have not pressure canned in several years but will be getting back in to it this weekend. I will also start doing potatoes when the price goes down a little. I also bought for stock up 3 boxes of Mac and Cheese with the ready made cheese sauce and a can of coffee.

    1. Anna, you are doing great! We buy the baby carrots from Aldi's too and I can them as well!

  2. Yes please post the assignments here. Your peanuts looks so good. Is your granola vacuum sealed or oven canned? I canned 6 quarts of sweet potatoes this week.


    1. Sue, I vacuum seal granola. I am waiting for the field of sweet potatoes to be harvested in front of our house. We get to glean the leftovers and there are always lots and lots of leftovers. I will be canning sweet potatoes then!

  3. I second the request to post assignments here. I don't like using Facebook, so would appreciate you helping me "get ready for the holidays" here on your blog. I have been following you for many months.

  4. Yes please post Christmas to do list It is gonna get busy! Angela

  5. I too would appreciate it if you could post the assignments on the blog if its not too much trouble. I love your site and appreciate all that you do! Kim

  6. Patsi,
    I have had a very busy week! Lots of babysitting my grandbabies. My husband cut down 4 trees and we got to keep the wood! When I was babysitting at my son's I put Addy in her stroller and took a wagon and garbage bags and we went for a long walk and I collected 2 garbage bags full of cans! I was given a container of pretzels, but I'm not sure what I'll do with them yet. I was interrupted and burnt my tomatoes and vegetables to the bottom of the pan that was my next batch of vegetable juice and convinced my husband that I didn't burn it that it was fire roasted tomato juice! good save Vicky! I found a dime on the ground while picking up cans. I hung laundry on the line and have been pulling everything out of the pantry and organizing it because that room is going to get new flooring that we bought about 4-5 years ago. Winter will be here before we know it so I am hurrying to get ready. We have an apple tree so I picked some to make a few quarts of juice. Shhh!! Don't tell the other ladies they will say I need to make applesauce and apple butter and I don't like those! I do dehydrate 3-4 batches and 1 batch is dipped in jello powder before dehydrating and called candy apples those are for the kiddos and the other batches are for the chicken and dog foods. I hope you have a great week!

    1. You are a resourceful woman Vicki! I too am scurrying around trying to get ready for winter! Love, love, love your fire roasted tomato juice!!! You go girl!

  7. Hello Patsy, I commented on your peanuts on Annabels Bluebirds are Nesting blog, so I came on over to have a look. They look fantastic.

    I do have another question for you........... how many jars do you have? You seem to have so many. They look like professional bottling jars.


    Fiona :)

    1. Fiona, thank you! I have well over 1000 jars that I continually use over and over again. Some I've purchased over the years, some have been given to me and some have come from recycling.

  8. Everyone is so busy! It's still too hot here in Houston to be working outside, so I have just been doing little things here and there. I have a question...what is cider fire? Have a great week everyone!

    1. Kathy, cider fire is a herbal concoction that is good for colds, etc. Here's a link to more info and the recipe ...


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