Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pantry Challenge #'s 34, 35, 36 and 37 ... 2015

(My niece created this beautiful arrangement from scratch for her brothers wedding. It was even more beautiful in real life. She is a very talented young lady!)  I think I'll take her idea and write 'be thankful' on the side and fill it with fall things ... for a thanksgiving arrangement.  What do you think?

This pantry challenge entry covers 4 weeks because that’s how long it’s been since the last one.  I took a blogging break to rest and do some traveling.  Here’s what I did before, during and after I got home that added to my pantry.

We butchered and froze 5 chickens

From those 5 chickens I canned 14 quarts chicken broth and froze 2 quarts of meat from the bony pieces I used to make the broth.

I canned 5 half pints of hot pepper jelly

I also tried a new to me canning recipe and canned 3 pints of onion relish

I harvested enough grapes to can 7 quarts of grape juice

I harvested a 5 gallon bucket of pears that I plan to can in the upcoming week.

I had some left over bread from our trip that I’m air drying.   When it is dry enough, I’ll grind it up, toast it and turn it into bread crumbs.   Anything that I can let air dry, I do because it saves on electricity.  (Unless I’m in a ‘I need to get this done yesterday mode.’)

The cayenne peppers I’ve been letting air dry are finally finished drying so I took them from the window seal and jarred them up.  I'll add them to soups and stews this winter.

I did the same thing with the last of the elderberries from our bushes for this year.

I did some thrift store shopping while traveling.  There are no thrift stores near where we live so this was a treat for me!  You can read about what I found and how I plan to use the items HERE, HERE and HERE.  (There are 3 different entries thus far.)

I hit a really good sale at JoAnn Fabrics and walked out with approximately $120 worth of merchandise for approximately $37.  I had some really good coupons that I was able to use which also helped.   The fabric/sewing part of my pantry got a good boost!

I gratefully received some really nice new to me clothes from a friend and from my sister-in-law.  Thank you Ms B and Ms B!  (Both of these ladies names begin with a B!)  I’m all set for quite some time in the wardrobe department.

We gratefully accepted a used well pump from a friend after we got home from traveling and discovered that our well pump had stopped working. (It could not be repaired as the motor had burned up!) Thank you Mr. and Mrs. H!

I gratefully received a big tub of crafting supplies from a friend that I’ll turn into Christmas gifts for this year.  Thank you Ms B!

Another friend had 3 more popcorn tins for me that I’ll repurpose like I did these and turn into storage.  I gratefully received them from Ms P.  Thank you Ms P!

I had lots of laundry to do after we got home from our trip plus all the thrift store finds needed washing, so I spent 2 days doing laundry and letting all of them, except 2 loads, line dry … after we got our water working again.

I added 5 containers of shelf stable milk to my pantry that I got at a Dollar Tree for $1 per container.

I purchased a 25 lb bag of pinto beans. We cannot find this size bag locally so whenever I travel I look for it.

We attended my nephew's wedding and the favor was a packet of wildflowers. Both my husband and I each got one.  I brought them home and added them to my flower seed collection to plant in the spring.

I got to visit my mom while we were away and she sent me home with several strawberry runners that she was going to throw away and a start from a huge wondering jew plant that she had.  The strawberry runners will help me expand my strawberry bed and the wondering jew plant will be a nice addition to my flower collection!

Now it’s your turn, what have you done to build up your pantry or live frugally?

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  1. That post is just a big WOW! I'm still having trouble posting on here and never know if it shows up. We all love what we are learning from you.

    1. It showed up Charlotte! I learn as much as I teach so we're all winners!

  2. Patsi,
    Wow you have been a very busy lady! I love reading about what all you get and get done each week. I have done the same of hanging out the laundry. I have been canning lots of tomato juice so next I would like to make at least one batch of creole sauce. My cabbages have really taken off since we have gotten a few days of cooler weather so soon I will be doing all things cabbage. I dried corn for the chickens and froze some veggies for the dog food for winter. I helped do a pantry clean out for a lady and came home with a box of goodies that way. the home economy class I am teaching at the church is younger couples. this week I did a discussion on debt and emergency funds. They seem to be more interested in financial things versus pantry things so since we are supposed to be helping them figure out the best way to live with the traditional roles of man and wife I am hoping I can get to the pantry stuff and them take more of an interest. I have been babysitting my grandbabies at my son's house and got a new baking pan from a box of free stuff and a nice metal container, but I don't like the color so I will paint it. My Mama has been coming off and on to stay for a few days to a few weeks at a time so we decided that basically should anything happen here in the US the best place for her is here so she has been helping add a little to the pantry. She has to have her coffee so last week added 4 cans and I added some canned goods. I have trying diligently to get as many rewards from SB's and Bing and others because after I make a master list I am using those dollars to stock up before winter. I did my usual dumpster diving when we take our recycling in and it has yielded me some good coupons and points to use which saves us money. electric is going up so I am really trying to be mindful of what's being used to keep it as low as possible and we have been eating all leftovers and making sure nothing gets wasted. I think that is all. have a great week!

    1. Vicky, you continually amaze me at how resourceful you are. You are full of inspiration and ideas. I love it when I see that you have commented because I know that I'm in for another treat! Our electricity is expensive too ... everything is going up except our wages.

  3. Thank you so much Patsi! It is an honor for sure! If Obama's Climate Change Policy goes through it will raise the electric rates by something like 13-17%. Many are not aware that electricity is mostly produced by using coal. Coal is what Obama is really going after. And as you say everything is going up, but our wages! Some may think it's no big deal, but then they are not thinking whatsoever because if the cost of electric goes up by let's say 13% it goes up for manufacturer's as well who will then pass the cost on to consumers. Plus cable and other utilities as well! I used to be afraid somebody would see me if I took something from the dumpsters or set out at the rode, but then I decided getting debt paid off was worth more. I catch myself noticing scrap metal now where as before I would drive by the "junk". Oh I forgot to tell you and you are going to love this one! I have learned that some 13 year old boys don't learn! I caught the neighbor boys nosing around in the garage! So I called the sheriff again and same as last time I said no to pressing charges, but go get them they can clean it. They came down and said they hadn't made a mess they were just looking and I told them that was ok they could look all they wanted while they were cleaning it. The sheriff told them if they didn't learn their lesson soon they were going to be able to put cleaning on their resumes! I loved that one! I kept them here 5 hours I had them sweep and take stuff to the burn pile and organize paint cans and then sit and sort nuts and bolts. They hated it! So I told them that is what they get for being nosy and there are consequences for entering places uninvited or without permission. The sheriff really loves it and he laughs because he thinks it's so funny. I figure they will either get the message or I'll have more cleaning for them to do before they figure it out!

    1. ROTFL Vicky! Love, love, love the way you handled this situation!

    2. The boy's will learn, eventually.We had treatment foster boys for over 15 years, the boys we got were all in trouble with the law. When my boys were naughty I had them clean and let me tell you I had the cleanest home in town. Work and structure helps young boys grow into good men.

  4. wow, love reading this. Such inspiration! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. And hopefully you saved that burned up motor to sell for scrap.... :)


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