Saturday, September 12, 2015

Thrift Store Finds ... part 3

Part 1 can be found Here.

Part 2 can be found Here.

I keep an ongoing thrift store list so that when I'm near where one is I am prepared and know what to look for.  While I'm not one to purchase 'stuff' I do see thrift store shopping as an opportunity to purchase what I need at a much lower price than retail stores sell.

For instance, we needed a second set of sheets as a back up for our bed.  Retail store prices are way to high for my budget so sheets has been on my thrift store list for a while.

... and I found this set for $7.  There were no pillow cases with the set but I can stitch up a set from fabric I have on hand.  The sheets are 100% cotton and in excellent condition.  I brought them home, gave them a good washing and line dried them.  They are now folded and tucked away in a drawer ready for use.

I found this sturdy strainer for $.99 ... this one is a nice size and fits several of my bowls and pots.  I use strainers quite a bit in my food preservation.

This is a 100% cotton tablecloth I found that I plan to turn into dish drying towels.  The fabric is thick and soft and since it's 100% cotton it will do great for drying dishes.   I think I paid $2.99 for it. I estimate I can get a dozen hand towels out of this tablecloth.  Not bad for $2.99!

I'm still not done ... stay tuned for part 4 of my thrift store finds!


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  1. You know me Patsy, I love cotton and I love making kitchen towels. But also sheets can be a great source of fabric for many things. You got great bargains at a fraction of store prices. It is so exciting finding things you need. What a saving! Can't wait to see what's next! xxx

    1. Your hand towels are beautiful Annabel. Mine won't have the beautiful edging that you crochet on yours but I'll come up with something to pretty them up!

  2. Love your finds. I carry a list with me as well. I don't just want stuff. I want things that are needed.

  3. Turning a tablecloth into tea towels is an excellent idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. WOW GOOD idea on the tablecloth! I've not thought of that but I'll use that idea. Thank you! :-) I found some dish towels last fall after Thanksgiving was over. They were fall patterned with leaves and pumpkins on them. So pretty and bright and was only .75 each so I bought me 4 of those. They have really retained their color and I have used them this whole year. I figured they'd fade bad since they were so bright in color but they haven't. Anyway I really like your idea!!! Gonna remember that one when I need some more. :-)

  5. I haven't been to a thrift store in over a year, last year I fell and broke both my legs and at 53 it takes a little longer to heal. I have had to use a wheel chair ever since. I can walk for short periods,this Sunday will be my first time going to a thrift store.


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