Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thrift Store Finds ... part 5

After reading this post by Annabel over at The Bluebirds are Nesting, I knew I wanted to find some decanter bottles. So, I added it to my thrift store shopping list and waited.  

Every time I visited a thrift store on our recent travels I pulled out my list and start looking.

And look what I found ....

... aren't they pretty!  

I got all 4 of them for right at $10. 
 I need to change the corks in the two front ones but other than that they are ready for use!


What would you use these pretty bottles for?


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  1. Very pretty. I would use them as oil and homemade vinegar decanters in the kitchen, and bubble bath decanters in the bathroom.

  2. They're gorgeous Patsy! I did the same some time ago after being inspired by Annabel. I have quite a collection now, and will fill them with pastel coloured bubble bath for gifts. It's such a gorgeous idea, isn't it? Mimi xxx

  3. Cooking oil, with herbs in it for flavor as gifts. (probably Olive Oil. A great way to use the stems of your herbs that you take leaves off to dry. Just add a few leaves and no one will realize that most of the flavor is coming from the stems you usually throw away)

  4. They are lovely! Truly everything from dish washing liquid, fabric softener, bubble bath, vinegars and oils... all look better in beautiful bottles. Now and then I get crystal ones for as little as 50c. With the older crystal it can have lead content so those I use for vases, fabric softener etc rather than oils etc.
    I save them up and make up a big batch of Hollywood Bubble bath for gifts, tie a ribbon on it etc. They look very glam!
    You had great luck finding these! xxx

    1. Annabel, I plan to use the 2 larger ones for bubble bath gifts ... and I plan to copy your Hollywood Bubble bath recipe and ribbon idea!

  5. My sister keeps your dish washing liquid in one. Bubble bath in another.

  6. Score Patsi!! You know weather you use them for gifts or just for your own stuff around the house I think having feminine pretty things for our everyday stuff makes us feel good. My Grandma had one that she hid a snort or two in and thought we didn't know what it was! She kept it on her dresser with her other pretties. When I was younger I thought it was some kind of perfume and put some on ended up smelling like booze! Guess I should have smelled it first. LOL


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