Thursday, October 15, 2015

$5 or Less Pantry Challenge: October 15th, 2015

It's time for our $5 or Less Pantry Challenge!

What did you add to your pantry this week for $5 or Less?

Here's mine ...

2 boxes (36 in each) St. Joseph's 81 mg aspirin
2 boxes Colgate toothpaste
1 Can Bumble Bee Pink Salmon
1 can Chicken of the Sea chicken

How much did I spend?


Again, a bit over $5 but that's okay!

What did you add to your pantry for $5 or Less this week?


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  1. A marked down package of boneless skinless chicken breast that was over 4 lbs. Total cost $6. Close enough!

    Also my husband found a brand new propane lantern at GW for $6.

  2. That is really good for $5 Patsy. Our five dollars seems to go less far, usually, here. However I did get some great specials and one was 5 packets of an instant flavored rice side dish that I find very handy in emergencies and then I spent another $5 on five cans of baked beans. So pretty happy with these additions.
    Also I stocked up on a few other good specials and some mark downs.
    Have a lovely weekend! xxx

  3. I added a great deal..... organic tomato sauce went on sale for 50 cents a can so I grabbed them!

  4. I added three boxes of 10 hot spiced cider drink mix packets and two 1.1 pound packages of whole wheat gnocchi for $4.17. None of these items were on my regular shopping list but one must take advantage of clearance sales! (Although technically I will only have two boxes of cider mix in the pantry because my son decided to take one back to university to stash in his dorm room...what's a mother to do?)

  5. I bought 2 bricks of Crisco shortening to add to the pantry. They were on sale for $2.27 x 2 = $4.54 total. We will be making a huge batch of turkey pot pies next week with our left over turkey from our Canadian Thanksgiving (last weekend). The shortening will be needed to make the pastry crusts. These pies will be frozen uncooked as a quick and simple meal. They also add some variety to our everyday diet without having to cook an entire turkey.


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