Thursday, October 22, 2015

$5 or Less Pantry Challenge: October 22, 2015

It's time for our $5 or Less Pantry Challenge!

What did you add to your pantry this week for $5 or Less?

Here's mine ...

3 half-gallons of 2% milk reduced to $.99 each
(regular price was $1.99 each)

They were nearing the 'best buy date' of 10/24/2015, which was why they were reduced.  I love to find milk on clearance like this.  I can't use all of it before the 'best buy date' comes and goes so I'll freeze it!

I spent $2.97 plus taxes!  This makes up for the last two weeks of going over the $5 goal!

What did you add to your pantry for $5 or Less this week?


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  1. That was a good buy Patsy. This is how to get ahead, major markdowns!
    I cant brag much this week about my pantry. I did clean, garden, make gifts and had some great savings... so overall it was a good week. But my pantry just didnt benefit much. I will aim to make up for it next week.
    My herbs and tomatoes have grown though, really well, so that is something.
    Have a great weekend! With love,

    1. Annabel, you did the 'behind the scene' stuff this week. The stuff that keeps everything moving along in an orderly fashion! Those type things can add up to huge savings, and a savings is a savings regardless of the form it takes.

  2. Hi Patsy, this week my husband found the deal he found boxed Mac and Cheese for .39 cents each so he bought 15 of them for a total of $ 5.85 slightly over but that's o.k. I know that Mac and Cheese is not the best to eat but I like it once in a while. It really came in handy this week one of my stepdaughters came over, she has 2 sons, and really had been having a tough time so she needed help. That is one of the main reasons we have our pantries for, in case of hard times.We were able to give her at least a weeks worth of groceries. She had knee surgery a few weeks back and where she works they cut her hours because of it.We are praying for this to get better.Just one question you said you paid taxes on your milk? And thanks Annabel, now I need to get into my pantry and do a little straightening .LOL..

    1. Yes, tealady, we have to pay taxes on everything... including milk! Isn't it great to be able to help others out of our pantries!!!

    2. Very gracious and loving of you, tealady for sharing the food. Bless you!

    3. Thank-you Joy but I have a feeling we would all do the same family or not.

  3. Found an 11lb bag of Whole Wheat flour marked 50% off, making it $4.50. I've been wanting to get some Whole Wheat flour to put in the pantry, so it was perfect timing!


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