Wednesday, October 28, 2015

$5 or Less Pantry Challenge: October 29th, 2015

I was in the town where our Aldi’s store is located and since I’m watching for them to put their butter on their yearly sale, I popped in.  Well, the butter was still $3.19/lb … no, that is not a sale … so I didn’t purchase any.

But, what I did find was this …..

… banana’s on sale for $.22/lb. 

I purchased these, brought them home and got to work.  I peeled, cut up and froze enough to make 51 smoothies, made 12 banana nut muffins and still have several laying on the counter to ripen a bit more.

The total cost for the banana’s was $2.61 including taxes.  Pretty good return on my money don’t you think!

One more thing … I fed the compost bin with all those banana peelings!

What did you add to your pantry for $5 or Less this week?


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  1. Brilliant effort. I am learning so many ideas from your blog thankyou. As we are coming up to our scorching summer would be very handy to have frozen sliced bananas ready for ice cold smoothies.

  2. What a good buy! Just to give you heart failure at one time bananas were $18 a kilo here. There are 2.2 pounds in a kilo...
    However now they are about $3 a kilo which is pretty good!
    I added heaps to my pantry this week and for free. I got a gift card and used it all to stock up. However today I bought 5 tins of Italian tomatoes for $5 and added them as well. So it was a good week. xxx

    1. Yes, that price would definitely give me and my budget heart failure.

  3. This week a locally owned grocery store just opened a new store in our community where the grocery store closed a few years ago. They are having some grand opening specials in addition to weekly sales. Canned veggies are on sale 2/$1 and we are almost out so I will spend my $5 on 10 cans of veggies.

    I actually will buy more than that since my canned veggie stockpile has been depleted to almost nothing. I've been waiting for a good sale to restock and so I will probably buy 2 cases of corn and green beans. November is one of the best months to buy canned vegetables because of Thanksgiving sales the prices are normally the lowest they get.

    I will also pick up 2 cartons of Turkey Hill ice cream which is on sale for 2/$4. I have 2 75¢ coupons that will double so I'll get them both for $1!

  4. Great deal. Months ago, I found butter--real butter-- a box of 4 sticks (one pound) on sale for 80 cents. I have no idea why it was so inexpensive. Anyway, I bought 10 boxes and I'm still working on that butter. I keep it frozen until needed.

    1. $.80/lb for real butter is unheard of. I would have purchased all I could have afforded and all they would have let me.

  5. What a wonderful price on bananas! My Aldi didn't have bananas on sale but did have several kinds of coffee marked down to $2.50 or $2.00 per 12 ounce bag. I guess you could say I purchased a couple of the $2.50 bags of flavored coffee for the challenge but since I had the funds available I purchased more than that to really stock up my pantry. Two of the bags were donated to our church food pantry in thanksgiving for the great find.

  6. I received a banana box of cauliflower from a friend who had gleaned it. I was able to freeze 30 quart-sized bags and have several left to eat. It was free except for the price of the electricity and the Ziplock bags! It was such a blessing. I wrote about how I did it

  7. Reading all your comments I wounder where everyone lives. I live in Wisconsin,USA and I can get canned veggies her for 3/$1.00, currently our Festival Food's has butter on sale for $1.99 limit 2 but we have went everyday and hubby and I both buy 2 each day. That may seem greedy to some but I really don't because the store has huge bunkers of it. Also the store said that it was alright because as long as we only came 1 time per day we were good.. So I am going over my $5.00 limit but in the long run I'll be good for butter, I also freeze mine. We have a mini-mart here that sells banana's for .39 lb.and once in awhile they get marked down half price. I have never made a smoothie, I do not own a blender I mashed my banana's and froze them for breads and muffins.Ruth I totally agree I also learn so much here I am so happy I found this site.

  8. There was a sale this week on canned tomatoes and canned beans, $0.67/can. I bought 2 cans of beans and 2 cans of tomatoes for the pantry. We don't use these very often, but they keep well. One of the cans of beans I bought are black beans. I have never tried cooking with black beans before, so the cheap price was perfect for me to experiment with.

    The total comes to $2.68, which is way under the $5. However, there was also a really good sale on peanut butter, $2.49/1kg (2.2lbs) jar. Since we LOVE peanut butter around here, I stocked up on 12 jars and I'm seriously considering going back for more (usually my stock up price is $3). So, really I spent far more on my pantry than $2.68 this week.


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