Monday, November 23, 2015

Thrift Store Finds: November 2015

This past week I was able to visit a thrift store in Florence, AL called The Blue Door.  

Look what I found ....

This wreath cost me $2.  
My plans are to replace the bow and add some other things to fill it out and change it up a bit.

I also found these three hardback books for $.50 each.
The John Grisham book is for my husband and the other two are for me!

I love thrifting and can spend hours hunting down bargains.  I save so much money shopping at thrift stores instead of regular full price stores!


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  1. What a sweet wreath! I love thrifting too. :)

  2. Beautiful wreath you found and that was a great price for hardcover books too! Most hardcovers at thrift stores around here are usually $1 or more.

  3. I've read that book by John Grisham and really enjoyed it.

  4. That John Grisham book is wonderful.
    Love the wreath.

  5. I loved the Painted House. I think that is the first of his books that was not about legal stuff. Where is this thrift store?

    1. Barbara, it's just up from Heritage Christian on Helton Drive, the address is ... 4129 Helton Dr

      Florence, AL. If you have occasion to be in Florence, it's a great thrift store to visit!

  6. Wow, what a fun time you had! I love thrifting, too. You just never know what to expect and you find the greatest treasures!


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