Saturday, February 13, 2016

Last Minute Valentine Treats!

Here are three last minute valentine treats that I made up today using what I had on hand ...

I made peanut butter cookies and packaged them in the following ways ....

This saucer (given to me by a friend last year along with several other craft items) of cookies has a sheet of waxed paper that I cut to fit and the cookies arranged on it.  I wrapped the whole thing in plastic wrap and used ribbon and bows that I had purchased at an after Christmas sale in 2014 for $.10.   The heart was cut using my Sizzx machine and a heart die cut.

I did up a couple of these 'plates of cookies' to take to two neighbors.

The Air Heads Bites were some that my husband and I got out of a kiosk at Sam's Club for free on one of our recent visits. The Hershey's candy bars were some more of our 'Christmas candy' purchases and the scrapbook paper that I made the headers with was some I had on hand.

These will go to some 'tweens' at church tomorrow!

Back to the cookies ...  Each of these little 'packages' contain 2 homemade cookies.  I laid them on a piece of waxed paper (cut to size), laid the the piece of waxed paper with the cookies on it on a piece of plastic wrap.  Brought the corners together, tied it with a piece of ribbon, and added a heart that I wrote "Happy Valentine Day" on.  They turned out so cute!

These are for the children at our church who are in the Kidsing class!

All the 'valentine treats' we've given this year have been made using things I had on hand. No money was spent out of pocket.

Go here to see the other homemade valentine treat I made earlier in the week using what I had on hand.

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Really nice!!! I love how creative it is possible to become when you are using supplies you already have at home! They look (and probably taste!) wonderful!!! Well done, Patsy!!!

  2. All of it is very pretty Patsi! Very inspiring! I'm sure all will be pleased with their gifts.


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