Monday, February 29, 2016

The Vicky Challenge #6 ... 2016

Ordered and received this wide skip rotary cutter blade for my rotary cutter for crocheting purposes.  Cost to me was zero as I used an Amazon gift card I had earned to pay for it.:  Saved $7.99

Stitched up this cute little pillow case for our oldest granddaughter who has a birthday coming up real soon.   She’ll be 3 and she loves Mickey and friends! Saved: $10

Wrapped birthday gift for oldest granddaughter using what I had on hand:  Saved $5

Filled four 5 gallon water jugs at a friend/neighbor’s house for free instead of having to pay to have them filled at the place we normally get them refilled:  Saved $7.40 plus the $5 in gas that it would have taken to drive there.  Total saved:  $12.40

Baked cookies and muffins this week for snacks:  $Saved $10

Purchased gas while running errands in another town cheaper than what is in our area:   Saved $2.04

Was given 4 loaves of bread:  Saved $11.80

Used wood stove to heat house for 3 days:  Saved (3 x $13) $39

Total earned/saved this week in The Vicky Challenge … $97.23

The USDA’s ‘moderate’ Food Budget for a family the size of ours is $589.70.  In February we spent $157.45, that’s a savings of $432.25. 

Thus far this year my Vicky Challenge savings/earnings have been $2088.08, add this week’s amount ($89.24) plus the ‘food budget’ monthly savings ($432.25) to that and I've saved $2618.56.  I'm really enjoying seeing how much I save/earn from home.

How have you earned or saved money this week?  I would love to hear what you’re doing.

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. This week, I got hit with a bad cold that led to a sinus infection and then an ear infection which took the wind out of my sails for a few days but I did manage to get 8 lunches ready to grab and go from leftovers, paid 6 bills online (I heard that USPS is going to lower the price of stamps by 2 cents, but it's rare for me to use them any more! It may be too little, too late for them, I'm afraid!). We used up the final $1.96 on two Lowe's gift cards and while that may seem picky or little- otherwise we would have just tossed away that $1.96!!! What do you think?
    I did get over to Sam's club and bought a package of 2 whole chickens that were marked down ($2 savings) and was given 14 frosting buckets (3-1/2 to 5 gallon) for free ($56 savings) . I made a gallon of crockpot yogurt ($10) and hubby and I built 21 planter boxes with free materials! Assuming a retail value of $10, that was a $210 savings!

    So my week's savings came to $344.90!! My monthly total was $3228.78 and as a result, with the 15 year mortgage that we just took out (this month was our very first payment)- we have been able to reduce our mortgage length down to 12 years!!!! Thank you, Patsy, Annabel and Vicky for helping this happen!!! 3 years less on our mortgage! That works out to 20% less time left on it!!!! This is our last and only debt left and paying it off seems more and more real as we build up our pantry and become wiser stewards of all of those blessings/opportunities around us!!
    Thank you again SO much!!!

  2. I have never seen a blade like that. Does it punch little holes in the edge of your item so that the crochet hook can slide through--and make a border on something? Like a pillowcase? Or what? Interesting....

    1. Yes, beckyathome, that is exactly what it does ... I'll use it on fabrics including pillowcases and washcloths.

  3. Patsi,
    You had a good week that was a good savings filling your water jugs at a friend's! I picked up some Huggies and Coke points while babysitting. It may be weird, but I get excited when I find those codes! I sold a small box of old dresser handles for $10, my husband was given $400 worth of tree climbing equipment for cutting trees and he found Foster Grant sunglasses marked down to .99 saving $36, I used a $10 gc to get a juicer some containers and a small spool of lace, $6 in coupons, $1.50 a free newspaper, $27 used Bing points for a 3 month subscription to X Box Live for my son, $40 I found tennis shoes on clearance and $100 my husband was able to fix our icemaker and they wanted $100 just to come and look at it. I cashed out Coke points for a $5 Walmart gc, but I will count that later and bought some items that added to my Saving Star account. I worked on some dishcloths to put up for Christmas and hope to have several sets done by Christmas. have a great week Patsi!

  4. You're savings are great, Patsy. The pillowcase is really cute.
    Thanks for posting the link to the USDA website.

  5. This week the savings prize goes to my husband. He replaced the back brakes on his pick up, he said he saved $56. I am assuming that would be the cost for having it done. We also bought a new steel exterior door to replace our 93 year old, warped, wood door. He will remove the old door, and have to cut into the top of the old door frame to fit the new door into place. He's awesome at this sort of thing, pays great attention to detail and to getting it done correctly. I've made my usual frugal choices at the grocery store, and stayed home many days which saves on gas and impulse purchases. I also baked and cooked at home, and shared some home-grown lettuce with a friend.

    1. Aren't we glad when our husbands are able to do those type of repairs!!!

  6. You did so well on your grocery budget, Patty! I'm not shopping much due to our home renovations but I did find chocolate at 75% off. I consider that a survival food while the house is all torn up! Blessings, Leigh

    1. achatovercoffee, chocolate is definitely a survival food at our house!

  7. Dear Patsy,
    Good start to the year! I hope you feel pleased. It is surprising 1. the retail value of things! 2. the cost of services and tradespeople etc and 3 how it all adds up!
    Now lets have a great March! With love


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