Sunday, March 27, 2016

Pantry Challenge #12 ... 2016 + other thrifty things we did this week!

I did good with my ‘to-do’ list this past week ….

My to-do list from last time:

Chop onions I purchased on sale and freeze them.  Done!  I added 36 snack baggies (1/2 cup onions in each) to the freezer part of my pantry.

Make another batch of crockpot yogurt.  Done!   I have had great success using the crockpot method of making yogurt!

Make vitamin c capsules … Done!

Make turmeric capsules … Done!

Start seeds in greenhouse.  Done!   I planted the following seeds:  tomato, cayenne pepper, stevia, cockscone, yarrow, soapwart and jalapeño pepper.

Pull together another hanging basket using what I have on hand.  Done!

Transplant baby aloe vera plants into their own pots.    Done!  I created 3 more pots!

Transplant lemon trees into bigger pots.  Done!  I am so happy that I was able to get them the winter!  They are now in the greenhouse where they will stay until the weather gets a bit warmer.

In addition:

I earned a $25 Walmart gift card through Swagbucks.

I earned $10 in Amazon gift cards through Bing

I completed two Pinecone Surveys this week.

I saved $268.35 this week in The Vicky Challenge!  Here’s how it breaks down:

Purchased gas while running errands in another town cheaper than what’s in our area: Saved $7.56

Made yogurt: Saved $5.72

Make 2 quarts kefir milk:  Saved $2.04 per quart … total savings:  $4.08

Chickens laid three dozen eggs this week:  Saved $6

Used neither heat nor air conditioning 1 day this week: Saved $13

Downloaded this kindle book for free, First Dawn by Judith Miller:  Saved $6.99   

Created 1 hanging basket using flowers I had on hand:  Saved $12

Made up a set of baby burp cloths for a future baby gift using what I had on hand:  Saved $8 … I’m counting these toward the ‘Gift Giving/Christmas Challenge’ that I’m participating in.

Stitched up a sixteen inch throw pillow cover using what I had on hand:  Saved $5

Pruned fruit trees and grapevines (3 hours x $10 per hour for labor):  Saved $30

Worked on cleaning up yard from winter debris (1 hour x $10 per hour for labor):  Saved $10

My husband made 4 carpenter bee traps using items on hand.  These sell for$20 each so 4 x 20 equals $80 saved.   

Made 2 cheesecakes to take to two different events.  Saved $45

Earned $35 in gift cards.

Thus far this year my Vicky Challenge savings/earnings have been $2836.90, add this week’s amount ($268.35) and I've saved $3,338.60.  I'm really enjoying seeing how much I save/earn from home.

Here’s my pantry to-do list for the upcoming week:

Plant basil, cilantro and rosemary in my tiered planter

A friend asked if I would be interested in some of the flowers in her yard and of course I said yes, so, I need to go to her house this week and dig up some ‘starts’ to transplant to my house.  She has some beautiful flowers and I am excited about this opportunity.

Finish my ‘free’ grocery shopping  (I will be doing a full post on the ‘free’ shopping I was able to do this month and what I added to my pantry as a result the first of April.)

Continue working on cleaning up the yard from winter debris.

Shop after Easter candy sales.  I have used the after Christmas candy sale buys on numerous occasions for gift giving and baking and have depleted what I had purchased.  It's time to restock!

Now it’s your turn, what have you done to build up your pantry or live frugally this week?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Thank you for your very interesting posts. You wrote about chopping onions and freezing them and I did this during the week, saved an onion half that could have been lost in the fridge. It also saved me some time as I just took out two bags and used them in a curry I was making. Best wishes Lyn

    1. Lyn, aren't they just so handy when their chopped and in the freezer ready for use!

    2. they don't make your freezer stink?

  2. Good job Patsy! Could you share your husband's traps? These are a real problem for us. Thank you!

    1. Angela, here's the link to the instructions he used ...

  3. Wow! You are really getting a lot done, now that you are feeling better. I'm sure it feels great. It sounds like you are getting your yard and garden into great shape. I'll bet it looks lovely when you are done. I'm working on a crocheted dish cloth in-between things right now, and otherwise just keeping the house super-clean so we can show it to prospective buyers.

    1. beckyathome, I like for my yard to be neat and clean ... I like doing yard work! Keeping the house super clean would definitely be a full time job for me. Good luck in selling your house!

    2. Thank you. I also love yard work, especially growing a vegetable garden. Both gardening and canning are what I call my "productive hobbies." Super cleaning.....well, that's just a necessity right now, it's not my first choice. My sister is coming today to help me organize and clean more. It will all make the actual move easier. It is her gift, so I'm delighted that she has the time to help me.

  4. Sounds like you're back to full capacity!! I canned 13 jars of Sweet and Sour sauce to use up some marked down bell peppers. My shelf was down to the last few jars of S&S Sauce so this was good timing and so quick and easy to make! I used up 6 more marked down English muffins by making them into breakfast sausage/egg/cheese McMuffins that I put into the freezer for breakfasts later on. I also took a dozen sale eggs (99cents) and sale tortillas (49 cents/12 tortillas) and made them into 26 breakfast burritos! I put 6 in fridge for breakfasts now and froze the other 20 for later.
    Got another baby quilt done for gift pantry- totally stash and scrap materials. Bought 2 boneless whole hams on half price sale for Easter but only needed 1 so I will turn the other ham into freezer meals and shaved ham for sandwiches and breakfast biscuits!
    I want to rotate more of my freezer pantry so that it will use them while they are still good and also make room for other new things to freeze as things are coming into season! That's my goal for the week!

    1. gardenpat, have you shared your recipe for Sweet and Sour sauce with me? If not, would you? It sounds good. You've gotten alot done!

    2. Here is the link, Patsy! I have been making this for about 2 years! It's processed in a water bath canner and is SO easy! My kind of recipe!!!lol!

  5. Wow, you were able to get a lot done this week, Patsy! You must feel really good about your accomplishments.

    This week I bought a big bag of bananas marked 50% off so cost was about $0.40/lb which everyone snacked on over the weekend. I bought 2 salted butter bricks on sale at Costco for $2.79 (1 for freezer and 1 for Easter), which is actually a good price on butter for this area. I bought 4 hams on sale for $5.97/800g which we shaved into luncheon meat and packaged for the freezer (prices are going up, so this was the best deal I could get, but still cheaper than buying sliced luncheon ham @ $1.25/100g on sale). We added about 5 packages (some larger, some smaller) of shaved ham to the freezer plus shared some with my visiting brother. Finally, I bought 4 pineapples for $1.49 each (great price for us in Canada). I cut up three and put a batch of pineapple/applesauce fruit leather and a bunch on pineapple slices in the dehydrator. This is my first try at dehydrated pineapple, so I really hope it turns out well!

    1. Rhonda A, let us know how the dehydrated pineapple does. I love shaved ham in salads and on sandwiches. You had a good week!

    2. I have to admit, the dried pineapple turned out really yummy! I had some problems with my dehydrator, though. I didn't realize the temp dial had accidentally been set at a slightly lower temp than it should have been, so it took longer than expected. I actually took the pineapple out and bagged it, only to realize the next day it needed to go longer. So I popped it back in and it worked out fine! I now know that I can turn off the dehydrator at night and start it again the next day if need be, especially if it only needs a couple more hours, so leaving it on overnight would be too long.

  6. Hi Patsi!
    I am so glad you are feeling better! You have been really busy! I was given a new full sized mattress for my son, sold 3 dozen eggs, was given a Sunday paper, picked up some coke points, cashed out my Bing points for $15 in Amazon codes, got 2 loaves of bread and some frozen vegetables with store rewards and a free 12 pack of coke with a coupon and I saved $40 using coupons at the store. All of my seeds I started are doing good so I will have about 400 tomatoes, 40-50 peppers(I think it could be more) 100 spinach and 80 cabbages. I don't know what my husband is thinking? I can't wait to see what you got shopping for free!! I hope you have a good week.

    1. Vicky, you are going to have enough vegetables for the whole state!!!!! You did good in the savings department too, I love reading how you save. It is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  7. You did very well! I posted on my blog about how I saved money last week. :)

  8. Wow, you have done wonderfully this week!!! Thank you for sharing this inspiration with us as it is very encouraging to keep productive! :)


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