Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Vicky Challenge #7 ... 2016

These savings cover a two week period over which a good part of the time I either had full blown flu or bronchitis.

Purchased gas while running errands in another town cheaper than whats in our area: Saved $6.74

Purchased Disney Princess fabric to make my youngest granddaughter a pillowcase and brads to make mini Easter baskets for Sunday school children, (paid for total purchase from money earned doing Pinecone surveys … nothing out of pocket):  Saved $18.76

Used coupons and sales on above order:  Saved: $8

Downloaded An Untamed Land by Lauraine Snelling, on my kindle for free:  Saved $15     

Used coupons and sales on groceries: Saved: $28.66 

Baked 2 loaves of sourdough bread that I made from scratch:  Saved $8

Baked a big batch of cookies for my husband’s co-workers during early voting:  Saved $12

Enjoyed a meal out gifted to us by the lady who did our taxes:  Saved: $24.75

Baked a buttermilk pie and a pumpkin pie using ingredients on hand: Saved $16

Used wood stove to heat house for 3 days:  Saved (3 x $13) $39

Had 2 days where we neither needed heat or air conditioning:  Saved $26

Chickens laid 5 dozen eggs over the past two weeks:  Saved $10

I made a batch of floor cleaner for my swiffer using basic ingredients on hand:  Saved $5.43

Total earned/saved (over the past 2 weeks) in The Vicky Challenge … $218.34
Thus far this year my Vicky Challenge savings/earnings have been $2618.56, add these past two week’s amount ($218.34) and I've saved $2836.90.  I'm really enjoying seeing how much I save/earn from home.

How have you earned or saved money this week?  I would love to hear what you’re doing.

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27
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  1. Dear Patsy, Considering you have been sick you have done well. I hope youre on the mend now. My Vicky challenge is going well. Last week smaller numbers but still Jan and Feb totals were amazing to me. So I will see how I go for March!
    Much love, Annabel.xxx

    1. It all adds up doesn't it Annabel, the months where we are able to save lots as well as the months where we aren't!


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