Friday, April 22, 2016

Making My Own Potpourri!

Recently, I cut two roses from two different rose bushes in my yard.  

Did I mention that they were fragrant roses? 

I brought them inside, put them in a small vase and enjoyed their beauty and fragrance for several days, and then the petals started falling off ...

.... so I carefully picked them up and spread them out on a plate.  

The plate is now sitting on a window seal where the rose petals will dry.

Once the petals are completely dry I'll put them in a jar and add dried lavender flowers that I grew last year as a fixative.  (A fixative is something that will hold and preserve the scent.  There are other things that will work as a fixative, but lavender is what I have on hand right now.)

At this point I have the option of adding other dried herbs or flowers and a couple drops of essential oil (of your choice).  Here again, I'll use one of the essential oils I have on hand.

Next, a lid will go on the jar and a good shaking is in order.

I'll leave it for at least 10 days giving the jar a good shake occasionally.

Then, I'll place the potpourri in a dish to enjoy or give it as a gift.


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  1. How lovely! I love perfumed roses. I have some under the windowsill in the living room and enjoy their heavenly aroma as the breeze brings it in.

  2. Hi Patsi! I also have roses outside my window and the breeze blows the scent in I love it! I had a potpourri one time that had dried ornamental berries and tiny pinecones it was just lovely! I love that your making your own that is awesome!!

    1. Vicky, you just can't beat the fragrance of roses wafting in through the window can you????

  3. What lovely roses. I cant wait for mine to bloom and enjoy the scent. My lilacs are budding out so hope we don't have a freeze.

  4. You so tickle me on certain mom asked me yesterday, if I wanted the (very) fragrant rose petals off the beautiful, huge rose that my Dad grew and brought in to her...she knows me so well...I took them, of course. I put them in a bag in the freezer, until the remainder of the petals fall off...Stop the aging process until I decide for sure what to do...potpourri? Hmmm?

    1. Laura, you've taught me something, I did not know that freezing rose petals would stop the aging process! All I can say is 'great minds think alike!!!!!' 0:)


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