Monday, June 6, 2016

$5 or Less Pantry Challenge: June 6, 2016

Look what I added to my pantry today for $1.07!

Money is kind of tight this week and I really thought I wouldn't be able to add anything 'store bought' to my pantry but ... 

we were out running errands and stopped in at CVS since I had $2.50 in ECB's rolled over from last week.

They had Dawn dishwashing liquid on sale BOGO free which made them $.84 per bottle so, I purchased 4 bottles for $3.57 minus the $2.50 ECB, which meant I paid $1.07 (including taxes) for all 4 bottles.  

Pretty good for a week when you don't have any wiggle room in your budget for stocking the pantry!

Where there is a will, there is a way!

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. I bought blackberries on sale and made jam out of two flats. It went so well and so quickly that I bought one more flat to make half pints of jam as gifts. Only thing was- I had run out of half pint jars.

    But then I remembered that I had $8 off on my next shopping trip to Meijers so I used my cash off to buy a box of a dozen jars without spending a penny!!!


  2. Thankyou for posting small and big achievements - it keeps me motivated and hopeful for the future. It does all add up doesn't it, all the little things we do are big things in the long run. I really enjoy your blog and have learned so much, thanks again, Clare from Australia.♡

    1. Clare, the little things are important in that it gives us the feeling of 'doing something' when we might not have much to do with! And you're right, those little things do indeed add up!

  3. Hubby came home from the foodbank with a loaf of grain bread and a 6 pack of croissants for free!

  4. the only thing I found this week which made me very happy was 5 yards of fabric I had found at a thrift store for $2.99. The funny thing is I was going to make a sun dress and was looking for patterns in my closet and found the material in the closet, I had completely forgotten about. Woo hoo for me. With all the extra fabric I'm going to make a blouse.

  5. I've been cutting fresh oregano from the gardens at my work (I work in a pioneer village), which normally doesn't get used much, other than some of it being cut and tied in bunches for a "dried herb display". I brought it home and dried it in my dehydrator. So far I've added about 1/2 cup of dried oregano to my pantry for free! There is still plenty left in the garden for visitors to view or to be used in cooking demos if needed.

    1. Rhonda, you can't beat free! How fun it would be to work in a pioneer village!!!!


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