Saturday, June 4, 2016

Pantry Challenge #22 ... 2016, The Vicky Challenge and other thrifty things we did this week!

Our elderberry bushes are in full bloom! They have the most beautiful bouquet of blooms.  Before long those beautiful blooms will turn into tiny elderberries and when they're grown and ripe I'll turn them into elderberry syrup!

This week the weather got hot in our area and I do mean hot!  This week our heat index numbers have been above 100 most days.  Needless to say, our outside activities were limited to early mornings!

Note:  I have added my Vicky Challenge Savings in at the appropriate places this week, I think it will be easier for me to keep up with this way.  

My to-do list from last time:

Start harvesting raspberries.  Done!  Harvested 2 quarts, (4.64 per pint); Saved: $18.56

CVS shopping.  Done!  I added 2 packages of toothpaste for $1 (including taxes).  Saved:  $6

Continue harvesting spring onions.  Done!  Harvested 50 onions, ($.92 per bunches of 10) Saved: $4.60

Harvest zucchini. It’s not quite ready!

Read and glean from this book, The Preppers Water Survival Guide:  Harvest, Treat and Store Your Most Vital Resource by Daisy LutherDidn’t get around to starting this.

In Addition:

I started harvesting cucumbers this week from one of our container gardening pots.  I harvested 11 good sized cucumbers ($1.30/lb). Saved:  $14.30

Added compost material to compost bin.

We needed some milk but instead of going to the grocery store to purchase it we shopped from our freezer instead. (When we find milk on sale, we purchase as much as our budget will allow and freeze it.)

My iron stopped working and try as we did, we couldn’t get it to working again so I set to work earning Swagbucks to cash in and purchase another one. (I use an iron quite a bit, so not having one is not an option.)  We have some friends who purchase storage units that have been put up for sale for non-payment. Unbeknownst to me, my husband asked if they had an iron they would be willing to sell to us … guess what … they had just gotten one in one of the storage units they had purchased and gave it to us free of charge!  (God’s provisions never cease to amaze me.)  Saved:  $17.99     

Ate all meals at home this week and cooked all of them from scratch.

Harvested 1 ounce of lavender ($2.06/ounce) ... Saved $2.06

Filled up five (5 gallon) jugs of water at a neighbor/friend’s house instead of taking them to a water filling station and paying to fill them.  Saved $9.25 plus $5 for the gas it would have taken to get to the water filling station.  Total Saved:  $13.25

Gratefully received 2 heads of cabbage from a neighbor … Saved $3.54

I received an order to bake a carrot cake this week.  I had everything on hand to bake it except the cream cheese and carrots which cost $2.32.   Earned:  $22.68

Chickens laid 2 dozen eggs this week:  Saved $6

Downloaded the following free Kindle books:  The Centurion’s Wife ( regular price $8.99) and Queen, Housewife and Mama on a Budget ($5.45)   ... Total Saved:  $14.44

Yard work/gardening/landscaping (does not include mowing) (3 hours x $10 per hour for labor):  Saved $30

The USDA’s ‘moderate’ Food Budget for a family the size of ours is $589.70 monthly.  In May we spent $328.71, that’s a savings of $260.99.  (We were gifted with a monetary gift in May so we used a good part of it to add meat to our pantry.)

Thus far this year my Vicky Challenge savings/earnings have been $7,053.32, add this week’s amount ($414.41) and I/we have saved $7,467.73.  I'm really enjoying seeing how much I/we save/earn through being frugal!

Here are some things I want to get done in the upcoming week:

Start harvesting zucchini

Finish harvesting spring onions

Continue harvesting cucumbers

Plant a third planting of cucumbers

Now it’s your turn, what have you done to build up your pantry, live frugally or save this week?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Do you sell your harvested Lavender? Was wondering what you would charge. You had some great savings, I like how the iron came into your hands. I've just repainted our porch swing instead of pitching it. New ones cost at least $100--even the cheaply made ones, so I had a savings there. Ours does need some repair to prolong it's life, but my handy husband can accomplish that!

    1. Joy, I do not sell my harvested lavender, but I do base the 'savings' amount on what places like The Bulk Herb Store and Mountain Rose Herbs charges for theirs. Handy husbands are nice aren't they????

  2. Dear Patsy, That was a very good week. I love the Elderberry flowers.Just stunning.
    It is great you are harvesting and also have so much season to go with planting and harvesting. Its a busy time. Well done too on the carrot cake and the earnings. That was a boost to the cash for you. I bet it was a beautiful cake too.
    I hope this week is great! I have just looked back at my week and counted up the values that I can. I am amazed! It was a whole variety of things. I fin doing some baking really adds to the value of the week.
    Now to start a new week.... I am hoping for lots of savings and getting ahead. Have a good week! With love

    1. Annabel, I just ready your Vicky Challenge post and you did have a great week!!! I have a long to-do list for this week but I'm thinking all the rain we're supposed to get may change a few things. Oh well, there's plenty to do on the inside should the weather not cooperate for the outside things!

  3. Good job! - love saving $ on groceries.

  4. I am drooling over your elderberry bushes Patsy! So many things you can make with the flowers and berries! Happy harvesting! Love, JES :)

    1. JES, they are doing really well this year and I am so pleased!

  5. Great post. You've had a thrifty week. I keep seeing all the savings at CVS but I never happen there at the right time. Thanks for sharing.


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