Saturday, November 26, 2016

Countdown to Christmas: 11/26/2016

Well, I did it!  I took down the fall decor today!  I need to wash the fall place mats we used on our dining room table and once that is done everything will go back into storage.

I also ...

Added a Christmas background to my computer screen

Listened to Christmas music … sang along with Christmas music (I have absolutely no singing talent. I really can't 'carry a tune in a bucket' but when it's just me and hubby I sing out anyway!)

Worked some more on my cross stitch project.  The more I work on it the more I like it.  This is going to make a really cute mini pillow!

What did you do toward your journey to Christmas today?

A Working Pantry
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  1. Patsy, not much planning for Christmas needed here as my grandchildren won't be here this year so the three of us just go to my elderly sister's place for lunch and we always have the same menu as she has tummy issues so we have 'plain' food so to speak. How different the Christmasses of yesteryear were for us when our children were growing up. We always drove to my parent's place which was an hour's drive away but they are not with us anymore and we are in a different season of life now.

    1. Nanna Chel, we too are empty nesters and all our family lives to far away to be able to come home for the holiday so ... we keep it simple and do the things that we enjoy for Christmas. Yes, it is certainly different from when the children were all home or lived close by but like you, it is the season of life we are in so we are finding our Christmas joy in a different way.

  2. Patsy I love your new header. The candles look so lovely, quick and easy. I think I might be using this idea. As to your cross stitch I love it.
    On Friday I made a stuffed fabric Christmas tree as a table topper. Yesterday, Saturday I cut out some Christmas bunting, and today I made it up. Todays bunting is a gift for a young relative having her first Christmas as a Mummy. I have her hubby's Christmas patchwork coasters waiting to be quilted. I'm hoping they will be finished later today.
    I want to start trying to make an ornament a day for a week so that I have something simple and easy to give to my neighbours.
    Looking forward to seeing what else you make in your countdown.

    1. Jane, the picture in the header is a zoomed in shot of a portion of our Christmas tree last year. It turned out well so I decided to use it as my holiday header! The candles were very quick and easy to make. I have an old Christmas tree that is no longer usable so I'm going to take some greenery from it and stuff in around the bottom of the outside of the jars. I think it will really make them pop! I hope you will share your ornament a day project, I would love to see them!

  3. That is a real small thread count. I love red and white work. You are doing a wonderful job.

    1. Kim, it's 14 thread count ... I am really enjoying working on this little project!

  4. Nice job on your cross stitch! Look forward to seeing your pillow. Nancy

    1. Nancy, I hope to have it completely done by the end of this week ... we'll see if it happens!


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