Thursday, November 17, 2016

Weekend Assignment: 11/17/2016

I've got  a little time that I can spend online tonight so I want to close out this week with a challenge ... a thinking kind of challenge.

I call it the '101 Challenge' ...

Can we come up with 101 uses for a tooth brush?

Come on now, let's put our heads together to meet this challenge, I'll start us off ...

1.  Obviously, brush your teeth
2.  Clean around base of bathroom faucets (I use an old worn out toothbrush for this)

Okay, it's your turn ... start with #3 ...

1, 2, 3 ... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ...

Update: 11/21/2016 ... Looks like we've got 38 different uses for a toothbrush, not 101, but that's pretty good!
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  1. I keep one in my laundry room. When faced with an oil or other stain from sturdy cotton shirts or blue jeans, I use a toothbrush to scrub it out. Just wet the brush from the water filling the washing machine, dip it in homemade powdered laundry detergent (or color safe bleach, or blue Dawn), and scrub away. Wash clothing as usual. Voila! (Most) stains gone!

  2. Patsy, I am thinking ..... a hook for rag rugs, a method for flicking speckled paint onto paper, a tool for brushing fleas off a young puppy's head, and a brush for cleaning a lemon juicer! My husband might find a toothbrush useful for cleaning up mechanical bolt threads and such.

    With very warm regards,

    1. Also, if it's a blue toothbrush, I think the bowerbirds would love it to decorate their place!

  3. I've used one to do a splatter pattern with paint. Dip it in some pain you pour on a palette and then run your finger over the bristles with them pointing to where you want the splatters.

  4. # 3 Use an old toothbrush to brush crumbs and fluff off the keyboard or laptop :)

  5. Use with a little tooth paste to clean rings and necklace chains.
    Clean out the fine mesh filters on washing machines.
    Helping to remove mould from grout in corners of the shower

  6. Mine is about the same as Teresa. I keep one in my laundry room drawer for when I need to scrub a stain with a dab of liquid Tide.

  7. *To gently clean in grooves on fine antiques without damaging the delicate surface
    *To help remove mud or dirt off of shoes/boots
    *As a chew toy for my cat who, for some odd reason, loves to chew on bristles
    *To fluff up or remove dust from the surface of fabrics like velvet or suede
    *To spot clean small stains on carpets
    *To sweep out the lint build up from the inside of your sewing machine
    *To help clean up your flower pots before storing them away for winter
    *Handle could be cut off and used as a garden marker for your plant rows or pots
    *Modified into a weapon in emergency situation (or in prison)

  8. When I was a pet groomer, I always had an old toothbrush to brush the hair out of my clipper and blades.

  9. Not sure of our next number--clean grout between tiles.

  10. To clean out the groove around a caravan rooflight before fitting a new one. It was my toothbrush but not my caravan.
    To clean out the hairtrap in the shower.
    To clean the white grout of my black tiles, which the Tiler decides was a good idea.

  11. Spay vinegar on bath and kitchen faucets that are caked with calcium deposits and use a tooth brush to scrub away the deposits...redo if necessary. Rinse and wipe to shine. The toothbrush handle fits between the handles and places other things done.
    My kitchen table has a grove round it. A pain to clean crumbs out of daily. In comes a dry toothbrush to the rescue!

  12. To clean my sliding door tracks and shower door tracks.

  13. To clean around the nose pads on a metal eyeglass frame. I'm an optician and LOTS of older folks who can't see up close without their glasses on can have gunk building up around the nose pads. Older gentlemen who spend a lot of time outside need a toothbrush taken to their nose pads on a regular basis! Just be careful not to scrub on the lenses or you'll scratch them.

  14. To clean sneakers and other shoes.
    Clean around dials and the outside of the crockpot.
    The egde around the cook top.
    To clear lint from the filter on the hairdryer.

  15. Use the handle to prop open a lunchbox lid so it can air dry after being cleaned so you can put it back into storage in the laundry room.


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